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Lesson 3

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Lesson 3: Motion, Emotion, and Consciousness
Breakfast: Waffles with syrup and coffee- I
Frozen yoghurt –E
Vanilla Cheesecake-E
Lunch Potato chips- E
Soda- I
Candy Bar- I
Supper: Chicken and pasta-E
It appears as though there is a balance between the things I ate because I needed them physically and the things I ate because they were just there or because I just wanted to eat. However, the foods I ate because I needed to eat played a greater role in my eating habits probably because I was busy and I needed the energy. I also like to snack when I am hanging out with my friends after class late in the afternoon ideally because we hang out at the mall and there are snacks almost everywhere.
Interview with my mum
Breakfast: Waffles with syrup, scrambled eggs and coffee-I
Donut- E
Lunch; Ham Sandwich-E
Supper: Chicken and Pasta-E
There is also a pattern in my mum’s eating habits and this is close to my pattern. Since we spend the day in different places, there is not too much food in the house, but still it seems that we both eat just because there is food or because we can find snacks and not really because we need the food. The majority of the food we eat was also unhealthy with healthy food only at supper time yesterday.
However, it seems that we still have the same eating habits even when we are away from each other, and the same also seems to apply to the rest of the family members. The food we ate yesterday even though we were in different places is not so different from what we eat over the weekends when we are at home.

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