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Literature In Lisgüsto General

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Literature in Lisgüsto General

It is inappropriate to delimit the concept of literature as a semantics of manual would propose, the exercise of consulting the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) and postulating literature as "art of verbal expression" is insufficient to establish an academic analysis. Consequently, it is necessary to consult specific studies of literature theory to establish a field of study that will unravel the writing of Alejandro Zambra.

The French historian Roger Chartier, in his article "Text materiality, textuality of the book", proposes: "literature, considered a particular field of creations and aesthetic experiences". Therefore, there is the presence of inventions, which places in the plane of the intelligible, sensitive in turn and aesthetics, that is, beauty. In the same way, the Russian critic Mikhail Bajtín in the aesthetics of verbal creation states that the literary work "has a creative and productive character" ". However, these concordances are directly reflected in regard to writing and orality as to a work of art the word is used, that is, language. In the General Aesthetics course, Chilean Professor Milan Ivelic states: "Language, in its most general meaning, is a complex of signs through which communication is established". However, we are in a more complex plane than the referential in terms of the use of language in its main, significant and meaning dimensions, thus continues: “The word of art is certainly a word.

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She is creation: every time she causes her own semantics ". Therefore, in the artistic creation of literature, the word is used, although its own senses, autonomous, connotative and poetic is established. Ivelic continues to say: "The arts of language use words, which are signs that refer to a different reality from the sign itself". And he also adds that “the word in poetry is the matter with which the poet creates a new significance, which is not the translation of reality, but is a new reality;It is a valid word in itself ".

However, literature cannot be raised as a mere written or spoken creation, which uses the word to generate new meanings, but is also built from its significant expressive and meaningful importance. Bakhtin said that literature "has internally, immanently, a sociological character". And it is that it addresses the various planes of society, contributing to the knowledge of the human being, even if the characteristic of considering sociology as a social science is often removed.

On the other hand, the generator of the literary story is the style, which allows the readersenses". Hegel affirmed that "aesthetics is intended for the vast empire of beautiful", in his book of beautiful and his forms (aesthetic). The aesthetics, in the first instance was directly subordinated by philosophy (even Kant) and which was subsequently established as a discipline, where its object of study is "the work of art taken in its refraction by human consciousness".

Indeed, literature is art and Hegel expressed that "art is recognized as a creation of the spirit". Which in turn is built and deconstructs through aesthetics, providing possibilities for interpretation of the work itself. However, not simply determined by the conception of beauty, but as Bajtín states, the concept of aesthetics "collects all the definitions and cognitive and ethical assessments and constitutes them in a unique totality, both concrete and speculative and all meaning" . Thus, we can affirm that aesthetics not only influences artistic creation, but also allows to establish margins of interpretation, since the subjectivation of literature and art in general, triggers in its transcendent character. Although this characteristic influences, but it is not decisive, because art is not absolute and Benedetto Croce in aesthetics states as a science of general expression and linguistics: “From the moment the arts have no limits, they are not determinable exactly or philosophicallydistinguishable ".  

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