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memory and seven dwarfs

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Free Recall and Recognition
Free Recall
In the film Snow White, I can only freely recall five out of seven dwarfs. The names are Bashful, Doc, Happy, Dopey, and Sneezy. At first, the task felt easy since I thought the names of the dwarfs were still fresh in my head. However, after trying for a while, I realized that it was not an easy task to recall all the seven names. Thus, no matter how much I tried to remember or jog my brain, it appeared as if I have never learned of the two other names. Although I have learned about how the brain encodes, stores and retrieve information, I think that I only encoded and stored the names of the dwarfs, but I could only retrieve five names. This means that I could store five names as evident by how much I retrieved.
Rehearsal is defined as a process of reciting or practicing to remember something that one might forget. Although I know the importance of rehearsals, I did not rehearse the names of the dwarfs. It did not affect my performance so much since I could remember most of the names. On the other hand, interference in psychology can be defined as the process of obstruction of a line of thought. In the process of trying to recall the names, I did not experience any interference whatsoever. Tip of the tongue (TOT) happens when a person fails to retrieve information from their memory, but they can partially recall the word. The person ends up believing that the retrieval of the word is imminent (Miserandino 198).

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I experienced this phenomenon in my task. It is probably the worst feeling because you know something, but you cannot recall it no matter how hard you try.
Snow White’s dwarfs were called; Bashful, Doc, Happy, Dopey, Sneezy, Grumpy and Sleepy. It was easy to recognize the names than recalling them. I think it is because I had prior knowledge of the names. Sometimes when one recognizes a name they were not able to do so, it shows that although the name was well stored, it was not well encoded that’s why it was difficult to restore it. In this task, I did not present a wrong name, although it might have been possible to do that because the brain can sometimes change information by relating one word to another. The working memory is the short-term or immediate storage of data (Miserandino 200). Thus, while I recently read the names, they were stored there and became accessible. However, after a while, the information is removed from the WM and stored in the long-term memory. Thus, if it were not correctly encoded in the WM, a person might experience difficulties in retrieving it in the future.
Work Cited
Miserandino, Marianne. “Children who do well in school: Individual differences in perceived competence and autonomy in above-average children.” Journal of Educational Psychology 88.2 (1996): 203.

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