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Respond 1
Hey Fernandez, I agree with you that this technology is moving too fast yet there are so many issues to be addressed. I think the main supporters of the self-driving vehicles are the people who are in charge of developing the technology. I know it might be a hard task trying to make people accept a concept you have developed even when it is a good one, but to make such an achievement, experts must prove to the consumers of this products and services that what they have developed is safe. Currently, issues arising from the Tesla cars are clear indicators that there is still more that needs to be done before the idea gains acceptance from the people.
Respond 2
Hey Tidwell, I agree with your post, this new technology requires a lot of research and testing to help assess whether it qualifies to replace the human drivers and pilots with computers entirely. Even in sectors that have adopted the use of computers to control various aspects such as the use of robotics in factories, it is still necessary to have humans on standby in case anything goes wrong. It is almost impossible for passengers to board a plane which does not have a pilot just because computers handle all the control. The passengers should be assured that in case anything goes wrong, an onboard specialist will respond and try to rectify the situation.

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