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My name is Hussain, 21 years of age and my motherland is Saudi Arabia. My father is an engineer at a national oil plant while my mother is a nurse in private practice. I have one brother and one sister who are younger than me. I love making new friends and playing soccer during my leisure time. I am a Muslim, so I have to visit the mosque three times daily to pray as routines since the mosque is located few meters from our home. I am currently a college student intending to pursue an engineering course in future to be like my father who is my role model.
While growing up our neighbors tamed dogs for pets, they had one German shepherd to scare away thieves or unauthorized visitors. One afternoon as I was walking across the street, the neighbors had not locked their German shepherd in its cage neither was it chained. The giant dog came running to me and barking at a ferocious noise. I was a child almost five years old, the only reaction I had was to scream since at that speed I was certain it was going to tear me to pieces. Lucky, enough the neighbor’s son, heard my screaming and shouted at the dog “Scooby! Scooby! Come back” he called it in Arabic, and I wondered how a dog could understand human language. He came just in time, and there was my salvation. His mother came and found me standing there with my wet face; she held my hand and assured me that no harm could have befallen me. She told me the dog is always playful especially when it realizes a young boy is around.

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She mother and so she escorted me to our home although I was extremely frightened. I had never experienced with dogs face to face, and so I did not know what to expect. Since then I have always experienced bad dreams linked to dogs. The dreams were as a result of the fear that I had attached to dogs and was registered in my subconscious mind. My parents especially my mother never loved pets at our home. She claimed that they were carriers of some diseases and that they required a lot of attention to assure safety, and there was no time for that. This made my fear for dogs even worse that I never wanted to hear stories about dogs since that would become part of frightening dreams. Now I am an adult and my girlfriend love dogs, so I need to learn how to fight my fear.
My mother has always told me that I am the first born, and I should be courageous so that my siblings may feel safe. My father tells me am the man of the house when he is not around, and so I should take care of our family. My girlfriend love dogs and recently her parents bought her a puppy as a birthday gift. All those reasons have caught my attention, and I have dedicated myself to face my fear. The first step I took is to visit a psychologist, who has always taught me how to control my dreams. The psychologist told me the more I dreamt, the worse the fear got since the dog images in the mind were being reinforced by dream after dream. He suggested that I should join a social group, with completely different interests that don’t have ideas about pets. He also suggested that I should avoid dwelling in any place with images of animals looking dogs, for the brain would transform those images into dog images. The images would lead to a dog dream that will be a torment. He finally suggested that if I would fully conquer that fear I needed to own a dog and with time the fear would fade away. I wasn’t willing to take that step but with consultation and a lot of reading online, I realized that the method was helpful. So I implemented it, and the results were marvelous and I hope one day I will no longer have the fear of dogs.
I have life aspiration, and all the motivation is based upon completion of my academic pursuit. I am studying hard and smart to ensure that I get better grades and knowledge. Once I have graduated with a good degree, I hope to secure a good job. With a good job, definitely the pay will be good as well, and then I will have a good home and dream cars. I will then start a family hopefully with my current girlfriend.
In conclusion, by facing your fears of life you gather the courage to face life most fierce moments. The courage one gains is applied on other life situation where fear creeps in. Currently I rarely fear exam times, since the courage have overridden the fear. Academic excellence most of the time although not always comes hand in hand with a quality lifestyle.

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