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negative impact of social media

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Negative Impact of Social Media
If Socrates were alive in this modern generation, he would term the internet as a bad idea. He left the world of thinking, social interaction and individual hand-taken work that required nothing else than the mind of the particular concern to see the tasks done and completed. His methods of learning required one to read intensively memorize and digest what one read until they hand it in their heads. Secondly, one hand to walk around socializing with various groups of people and learning more from them as you move around. As Socrates Academy was based on the face to face method of argument, the internet on its side has erased all that. The use of the internet and the media in socialization has brought down the value of the utilization of the mind in critical thinking, creativity and interaction in the human world.
Argumentation have lacked in the later days as the digital era have missed the face to face contact that brought people together in all areas; physically, mentally and psychologically. It has been noted that in the educational institutes, working areas and our daily activities, arguments have gone extinct. People in this new era have nothing on how to think and act critically and use logic. Students have been the vulnerable group in the menace of more and daily internet use. They have become addicts of the social sites that have made them dormant in physical socialization and use of the mind to argue logically on various issues.

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Despite the fact that most students have been in a position to know much on different niches, they pretend to be smart in such cases. In the world of reality, such students prove not to be smart the way they think, and they gain a lot of misguided information.
Modern mind slavery over the dependency of the internet has made most student lazy. One cannot do a simple sum without a calculator or answer simple questions without necessarily using Google. However, the social sites have been formulated for positive assistance in our general life, but most people especially students are getting negative information with adverse impacts in the short and long terms in their lives. Such negative social consequences later affect the society in various ways making the normality of the society functioning extinct.
Social media is described as the use of Internet-based services enabled in different gadgets that use the internet to allow the participation of online exchange and contribute to the user-created content. Some kinds of internet services referred to as “Web 2.0” are commonly associated with social media. They include Wikipedia, social-update services, blogs, social networking sites, media-sharing sites, social bookmarking, virtual world content and status update services. In the late 1990’s, the internet became popular and various websites were created which helped people to create, upload and read different content in an easy way. In the 20th century, social media have been widely accepted and have gained a vast number of users. A good example is a use of “Facebook” which was announced in November 2012 having over one billion users worldwide.
According to a 2013 survey by the Pew Online and American Life Project, 95 % of teenagers (12-17) use the World Wide Web, and 81 % of them use social media websites. Facebook is by far the most heavily adopted social site, with 94 % of public press teenagers reporting they have a profile there. The side results of these media websites overweight the positive ones. These sites have caused some potential harm to society as a whole. The vast groups that have become victims of media social networking sites are the students. The reason for that is that when the students are studying or researching for their course materials online, they get drawn to such web sites to kill the boredom in their studying. It has, however, diverted their attention from their work and making them act like “robots”. Wasting time has been the greatest problem to the students as they use a lot of their time and efforts in understanding how to use the social media sites.
Most students, while researching and studying online, have been drawn to using internet materials and sometimes forget while they are using it. It has by far wasted their time, and some learners are not able to deliver their work in the specified period of their energy and effort. The other adverse effect on students is that they are investing their efforts on online socializing, and less time on socializing with other people physically. In fact, there is a lack of body signals besides other nonverbal cues, including tone an inflection in case of social media websites. Thus, they can’t be considered as an adequate replacement for any face-to-face experience in communication. Not only this, students who are investing significant amounts of their energy and effort in these websites cannot communicate personally in an efficient manner.
Spending so much time on the internet reduces command over terminology use age and creative ability as a copywriter. The primary effect of social media in language is that various phrases and sentence structures have been shortened. Technology has transformed the words we use abbreviations and shortened forms. ‘OMG’ and ‘LOL’ are widely used reduced forms that save your efforts and energy in composing a text. The abbreviations have brought down the language and punctuation abilities. The adverse effects of internet do not stand in the language and punctuation capabilities but affects the studying analysis ability. Students have started relying more on the details accessible easily on the internet. Internet dependency reduces their studying and analyzing abilities. Most students don’t do their homework’s manually, they the internet to get information that later makes them fail their academic endeavors because of using it in the wrong way.
The internet has had many effects in various ways. They affect the psychological nature of most students as well as their health status. Most students do not take their meals with a peace of mind or proper rest as they are on their computers and mobile phones texting and chatting online. They take an excessive amount of coffee or tea to remain active and focused which has negative results on their health. Most students can’t spend a single minute to think critically without using the internet. Some have lost their lives, and others have had fatal accidents as they text while crossing the roads or driving. The overuse of the social media websites via the internet on a regular basis has had many side results on the psychological and actual health of students. It makes them lethargic and unmotivated to create contact with other people personally and physically.
Nevertheless, people can’t fix any single issue unless they admitted that there was a problem with the excessive use of the internet. The students here should not the priority. Parents and the institution’s personnel need be the first in the war against the excessive use of the internet. Creating awareness should be the first step necessary to educate the students on the adverse effects of the internet in the long run consciously. The parents ought to supervise their children when they seem to overuse the internet and bring them back on the right path. The supervisors and tutors should also help students and make them conscious of the side results of the internet menace. They should explain to the students what they lose in real life when they stick to the internet.
Some suggestions that might help students, instructors and parents to fix the issue that learners experience is to prevent them from wasting time on social media to get the details they need. Surprisingly, Candy Crush isn’t the greatest time-waster out there for example. The biggest issue is not being obvious about what students have to do. When we don’t have critical directions or details, we spend hours trying to figure out what we’re supposed to be doing during the day. When students find themselves relaxing, they are more likely to procrastinate or avoid the task they were tackling. Instead of doing that, they need to get details from their instructors, colleagues or other essential resources for better and vivid clarity.
If a task is large, it is difficult to know where to begin, break it down into smaller points that make sense and relevant to the topic of study. Educational institutions need to return to the old education system though some might see it as odd; it would wake the idle minds of most students into active ones. Some schools have offered even “Ipads” to students from third grade to take notes and do research. They forget that this internet enabled-gadgets will affect the writing skill of many students and the way they memorize what they have learned. The introduction of the online libraries has made it easier for learners to do their research without struggling to find the information they need. However, the rate of forgetting such information is higher as students don’t internalize on the same deeply as they know where to find the information anytime they need it. Schools ought to go back and introduce competitions that are based on general information to support and encourage their students.
The use of the internet has changed the lives of billions of people around the word. Technology, on the other hand, has changed students socializing habits, culture, ways of learning and their lifestyle. The impacts of the presence of social networking sites in our daily lives have been positive as well as negative, but the negative impact is greater than the positive. Most people should take care when using the Internet and avoid depending on it when they need to get information. They should make use of their brains to store information to help them be creative and think critically.

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