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Obedience to authority

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Obedience to authority
Obedience is and will always be part and parcel of the foundation of our society. Without obedience, nothing would happen but chaos, mayhem and disorder. Obedience brings about productivity, stability and the good fortune to the population, therefore, becoming non-existent. Obedience is damaging the minute it can lead mental or physical anguish. If anyone is tasked and causes such agony to another individual, disobedience is shown in the mode of insubordination and any choice and action should be booked (Blass, Thomas, 29). If anyone follows the authority work hence causing pain to another individual that shows they have misplaced their ability and individuality to make good choices of their own. As soon as one blindly tails a character of authority’s instruction that individual may imitate to the popularity of the superior orders of many people.
Obedience is very useful and necessary in the situation of living and death, take for example in a court case where an individual is accused of murder which he or she did not commit and cause of conflict of interest the authority is trying to pin him or her down and blame the accused of the murder. But in the case there is a true witness who saw everything as it unfolded and truly knows the accused did not take part and was not part of the murder, in such a situation the witness should be obedient and say the truth as this would be the only way to save someone’s life from been sent to the prison, no matter how much the person is been coaxed or how much he or she is been bribed to give false statements.

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Obedience is a human behavior and is the form of public influence where a person profits to clear orders or instructions from their superiors figure. Obedience which is generally well-known from compliance and hence is a behavior swayed by peers and from the conformity that makes it is behavior anticipated to equal the behavior of the so called majority. Obedience is seen as amoral, immoral, and moral. Let’s take an example where an individual is given orders an individual to execute another guiltless individual and she or he does it so willingly it will generally be considered to be so immoral. Nevertheless, when one instructs an individual to execute an enemy or competition that will and might end many acquitted lives, and she or he does so enthusiastically, it is deemed as moral. Obedience is also useful and necessary in the church and in the presence of God. Obedience to our God shows our heartfelt love for Him it also proves our faithfulness to God and worships God in the universe, and it also opens opportunities of benediction for us (Milgram, Stanley, 54). Obedience is essential and pleases God and if our obedience is true and genuine, we will always live an existence branded by righteousness and demonstrating the illustration set for all of us by the Son of God Jesus Christ. We all obey His directives not because all we must, but for the reason that we all want to for the love we have for Him. Obedience is also useful when we are under the care of our parents or guardians. These are the people who guide us to the correct direction and by obeying their directives it shows how much respect we accord them, no parent is capable of misleading his or her kid, all kids should and must show respect and obey every instruction from their elders. Keep of drugs is a statement normally said to every kid by his or her parents, some tend to disobey such simple instruction and end up regretting and a common phrase that states “I wish I knew” always rings in their mind. Obedience is necessary here because drugs cause more harm and danger to the society.

In the picture above we can see the dog illustrating obedience as the must ask it stay down and it obliges, the dog is trained to obey the instructor.The benefits of an obedient society are well defined and can be seen by the eyes when we view the society as the whole. Some of the benefits are peace, obedient society enjoys more peace and harmony as people learn how to live with one another respect each other and mind their own business and also by helping each other, such societies learn how to co-exist with each other and assist their neighbors. In an obedient society, there is no corruption experienced and they have we stabilized government with a good economy brought about by the population obedience and respect. Obedience leads to a healthy well-being in the society, it leads to job creation that legit and every individual gets his or her right to a legit job as they obey instructions and rules guiding them.
From my research and experiences has led me to understand that obedience is a pillar of many good things in our life. Once my friends and i were given a very simple to task to do but to consider it was just as simple as I thought and decided to discard its simplicity and later did not do it as instructed, I later learnt that the simple task we were given was a must uplift to our academic period, this disobedience led to my friends and I scoring less grades to what we expected. As Noam Chomsky once said “The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion strictly, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum.”
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