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Observation and Analysis of Local Business

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J & J Restaurant
J & J Restaurant
The J & J Restaurant is an operating company, serving customers with tasty and mouthwatering meals, and located on a 10 acre land on Farm Road, Johannesburg. The business operates from 6 am to 11 pm, from Monday to Saturday. The business is usually closed down on Sundays to give workers an off. It takes advantage of the workers of a nearby textile manufacturing industry, who finish their work by around 7 pm. Its customer base is relatively large, with an established an exquisite reputation for quality vegetable meals. The business is located in a high traffic area. Specializing in fast cold or hot salad and sandwiches combination, as well as vegetable recipes, the business focuses on specific cuisines that are traditionally recognized in this area of operation.
The storefront contains a variety of meals and snacks including noodles, veggies, salads, sandwiches, potato chips, and well-baked cakes. In total, the restaurant contains about 35 different varieties of food. The store front is elegantly designed and is also clean, in an appealing manner to attract new customers and maintain the continuing ones. It portrays an image of an award-winning restaurant with the quality and clean meals. Various graphics are displayed on the front side of the restaurant; they portray the expected kind of service in this restaurant. The restaurant focuses on repeat business so that any customer who comes ones might want to return again, and recommend the business to others.

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The food prices are high enough for establishing credibility, although not too expensive as to limit customers. Having a distinct menu, the restaurant follows a differentiation strategy that provides hard to find or unique choices to its clients. This provides the restaurant with a competitive advantage in its ability to charge significantly high for its services of foods as compared to competitors and make substantial returns.
The business uses a combination of brochures, television advertisements, social media, and a well-designed website to market itself. These strategies are aimed at penetrating the market more rapidly. Given that the location of this restaurant is positioned in a strategic region, for weekly consumption of fast foods, the strategies of marketing have to be very efficient. Through this, it has accomplished through social media and television advertisement, least to say its quality meals and customer service, is a marketing strategy in and of itself. The marketing strategy is supported by a management system that ensures that there is consistency that will be leveraged in the strategies of marketing.
The main objective of this restaurant’s marketing is to position itself in the end that fast food consumers will become confident in consuming a fresh and health product, facilitated by general experience of delivery. So as to reach a wide range of customers, the restaurant advertises its products and services through television media, at an affordable fee. This ensures that those consumers that are not used to social media are also captured. It prefers this means mainly because its audience is the general population of the region, both young and old. It also has a well-designed Facebook page containing the company’s logo. This is mainly meant to attract the young people and has proved to be effective for the restaurant.
Being reputable in preparation of nice vegetarian diets, the restaurant targets certain groups of religious denominations who believe that vegetarian way of life is best for them. However, as it provides unique lounges and private rooms, the restaurant attracts young people, who go out for dates on many occasions. The private rooms provide a unique environment for such occasions. Being located on a high traffic road, the restaurant attracts customers from nearby offices and colleges. The manager of the restaurant, states that the number of customers has shot up over the last five months. This he attributes to a vibrant workforce, and well-coordinated management team, that constantly works to ensure the restaurant operates at an optimum level. However, the manager says, there is still room for improvement as the restaurant needs to rise to world-class standards. It has party rooms and birthday club to enhance repeat business.
There are several brands of meals available in the mainstream retail outlets. In the various grocery stores, there are many varieties of ready-to-eat products that are produced by large investors. This includes dry mixes, although, according to the manager, these are not direct competitors. The strength of these competitive brands is their distribution channels and market shares. They can be found in any given retail grocery outlet of this region, and have in turn gained a significant market acceptance. These products are also distributed hand in hand with frozen and refrigerated dairy products. Finally, they are priced a little lower than what J & J restaurant sales. While the business cannot lower its prices unreasonably, it faces stiff competition from the relatively cheap prices offered by its competitors. Nevertheless, these products have their weakness, which is a strength for the J & J restaurant-they lack variety, as they don’t produce flavored toppings.
The business has a competitive edge over its competitors since it is located at a location closer to its potential customers than its competitors are. People working in the downtown area within the day will want to have walk-in convenience and good food for late lunch and breakfast. The J & J Restaurant is surrounded by many other businesses than its market competitors. Looking into the near future, the company is likely to face many challenges. Given the recent development of infrastructure and more modern buildings, it is likely that more vibrant and big competitors might be established by large players. This means that their customers might be lured into the new start-ups, which will prepare same meals at competitive prices, at perhaps with equal or more excellent customer service. The restaurant’s manager believes that the business can be expanded to ensure that any future challenges can be managed, and their stream of customers is maintained.
Considering that I owned this business, I would recommend having various changes to the management and marketing strategies to make the restaurant a world class business. While the business includes social media among its strategies for marketing, it is yet to exhaust its strategies for social media marketing. I would recommend the frequent and constant use of Facebook to advertise and update consumers on any changes and recent developments of the restaurant. I would ensure a thorough training process for my employees to ensure that excellent customer service skills are maintained, this will include training employees on how to interact and be friendly to customers to ensure enhance repeat business. Overall, I would focus on marketing my business through the best means possible and ensuring quality service.

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