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Organizational Assessment Core Knowledge

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Assessment of Southwest Airlines
Southwest airlines encountered a myriad of setbacks in its quest to become one of the most dominant airlines all over the US. The company faced oppositions and criticism from their main competitors to the point that many people thought that the airline could not withstand immense pressure. One of its competitors, Continental, sought legal intervention to ensure that the airlines’ operations are paralyzed. The airline was not supposed to operate in the newly built Dallas Fort Worth Airport. Southwest airline’s management lead by the then CEO and co-founder, Herb Kelleher, was angered by the malice and mischief of their competitors. Instead, they vowed to strive to set the company back to business. According to Case: HR – 1A, Herb Kelleher (2006) claims that anger became his motivation and this was a significant stepping stone. However, after enduring hardships of all manners, Southwest airlines managed to stabilize once again and over time became one of the most adored airlines all over the world due to their low fair strategy and excellent delivery of services.
The environment in which the Southwest airline was created was unconducive for business. The company faced all forms of challenges during their start-up years. Their competitors sought political influence in their quest to ensure that the airline did not thrive. However, little did they know that the airline that they are despising would later come to surpass them regarding a total number of clients, assets, revenue accrued and reputation.

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The key aspect of the airlines’ success is the hardships and challenges that the company faced during the startup years. The hardships that the company encountered during their start-up years motivated them to soldier on. The CEO motivated his team not to lose hope but instead advised to work harder. Fortunately, their efforts finally paid off, and the company not only won the heart of the people of Texas but instead won the support of many Americans.
Work Cited
Case: HR – 1A. “Southwest Airlines (A).” Stanford Graduate School of Business. (2006).

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