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1. Most of my childhood was spent in refugee camps or war tone areas. I would see people injured and carried away for treatment; I wanted to grow up and help treat their ailments. I have always yearned to be a doctor, and since my father died out of sickness my mother explained but I never understood, l wanted to get knowledge and medical skills when I grow to be able to explain the cause of his death. Unfortunately being from Somalia, I could not get a chance to study in a conventional school due to the high insecurity levels, where schools are bombed by terrorist anytime. My parents with their passion in education hired a teacher to give me a home-based schooling, later in 2014 we moved to America, and I got a chance to attend conventional school. My parents have a belief that some private schools especially colleges are better than the public institution. During the exercise of choosing my ideal college institution, I had my attention caught by Simpsons College. This is a private school that has been ranked the best college among the colleges in the USA. It is an institution in association with the Methodist church, and that made me assume its students have time to time religious nourishment that could be a source of social order in the institution. Harvard is a renowned higher learning institution, whose entry is very competitive. Both institutions are schools in the top in the USA, and I believe they will lead me towards the achievement of my academic and professional goals if I get a chance and means to join them

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The first year of university in America was very challenging, but I managed to score very high GPA. I wanted to transfer to a different university; I applied for seven and three universities accepted my application. Unfortunately, I could not pay my tuition fee due to the high costs. My mother works at ACEDONE, an organization that that helps refugees to transition into the American way of life. Noticing that I could not secure a chance in these schools I had been selected, I decide to join my mother in the organization as a volunteer. The volunteer activity was fulfilling and exciting since I was working a translator between Somali people and American English. Some of the people I was dealing with especially the youth would transition fully and embrace the American culture.
3. My life has always been marked with running from country to country as a refugee. I was born in a Kenyan refugee camp, with my siblings and family without a source of income relying on humanitarian reliefs; life was hard. Before my father died of kidney failure, he was the source of our encouragement that we should never give up on our dreams. He told me one day that he is sure that I would become a doctor and according to the flow of events I will become one. After his death we moved to stay with my maternal grandfather he was also encouraging and told us to believe in our dreams. In America, I remember that inspiration and I am always working hard to succeed in this life. In every chance, I get for studies I have always proved to be competent since I know what I want out of the academic system and life. My mother has been saving some funds, and I have been applying for scholarships I have hopes that I will accomplish my studies and become a doctor.

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