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Personal Mission Statement

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Personal mission statement
I am a self- motivated individual who is not contented to rest on my achievements but always seeking new challenges. I am passionate about issues pertaining to the provision of excellent service delivery to my customers and/or clients. I also strive to become an expert in project implementation and research as my vocation geared towards improving other people’s lives. I aspire to hold a challenging position with a hospitality organization that fosters the capacity development and brings higher levels of personal commitment towards efficient service delivery.
I look forward to completing my high school education; join a university and pursue a course that relates to hospitality which would enable me to work in a hotel setting. This would enable me to make my career dream-working in a hotel a reality. My dream is to start my own business and become one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the field of hospitality. I work towards this by taking my education seriously as well as trying to explore opportunities that can enhance my skills relating to hotel management. I believe that I shall achieve this if I join a university that helps its students to excel by facilitating their efforts of achieving their objectives.
This is the reason for my choosing to study a bachelor’s course in hotel management from a reputable university. Therefore, I shall carry out research to ensure that I land on the best institution in this field.

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I will do this by visiting the website of the institution that is considered best performing to be certain that it addresses my academic needs fully and shall be instrumental in achieving my dream. In doing this, I shall, for instance, consider the environment within which the university in question operates to ensure that it enhances the provision of services and facilities that promote not only academic excellence but also other aspects of life. This is because after my studies and acquisition of a career that I have always longed for, I also wish to get married and have a family that I will successfully manage. I would like to see myself balance career commitments with family and ensure that I excel in both.
Being an avid lover of different cultures, I believe that studying hotel management and subsequent practice of the same shall expose me to interacting with people from all parts of the globe and hence diverse cultures. I shall, therefore, feel contented when I get to the point of practicing integration of diverse cultures to harmonize service delivery that is satisfactory to each individual client. In my opinion, it is pleasurable to achieve the dream of seeing each person happy and enjoying services to the fullest. I love interacting with people from different parts of the world too, and this shall increase my knowledge in the diversity of cultures.
My personal character and academic background are my strongholds towards the successfully achievement of my dream. This is because I have been performing well in subjects related to hospitality. Additionally, I am highly disciplined and innovative. Nonetheless, I am a fast learner who adapts to different environments while managing difficult situations with professionalism. I also recognize and respond appropriately to ideas, interests and concerns of others by building trust through effective communication mechanisms and relying on available information and ideas.

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