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AB1: Chou, D. C. (2015). Cloud computing: A value creation model. Computer Standards &
Interfaces, 38, 72-77.
The book analyzes the benefits and validity of adopting cloud computing operations in organizations. Chou intends to analyze value component and risks within cloud computing practices.. The author discusses the relationship between sustainable information technology and cloud computing practices. With employed survey, his value creation model shows safety and economical in terms of costs.
With exception, the author is aware of ever increasing need of cloud computing practices due to the advancement of technology, With limitation of experience and ethical implication of his research, the author has supplemented his methods and techniques with scholarly research on the dynamics in cloud practices, and. The study is timely and it will be able to guide accurately factors to be considered by the companies while making a decision on techniques of handling large data and analytical values.
The findings have identified possible gaps in technology and provide recommendations for the research community on future directions on Cloud-supported analytics and Big Data computing solutions. Some of the findings could be used to address issues that some organizations face in computing, data that is reliable and cost efficient for small business. Health care organizations are the best example of users that are struggling with this technology, but with these researches is possible to develop a model that is relatively compatible to health care organization environments.

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AB2: Yang, Jingqi, et al. (2014)A cost-aware auto-scaling approach using the workload
prediction in-service clouds.” Information Systems Frontiers 16.1: 7-18.
The authors of this journal are concerned with the importance of scaling of cloud computation services. The experiment was based on the model of scalability that could improve on-demand computing power and storage capacities on different services.
To achieve their goal of testing scalability, they identified the time and techniques to scale virtual resources that are assigned to different services. With limited experience, they based their research on scholarly works; a novel service cloud architecture is used while a linear regression model is applied to predict the workload.
From the authors’’ experiment, they managed to find that scaling combines the pre-scaled and real time. The result of this experiment demonstrates a reliable approach that satisfies user Service Level Agreement with minimal scaling costs.
AB3: Lim, J., Suh, T., Gil, J., & Yu, H. (2014). Scalable and leaderless Byzantine consensus in
cloud computing environments. Information Systems Frontiers, 16(1), 19-34
In this research, the authors present scalable and leaderless Byzantine consensus implementation basing on gossip that requires only n ≥ 2f + 1 nodes. The network topology of cloud computing services not always fully connected like the conventional distribution systems, in which each node maintains some neighbors known as local view.
The experiment involved techniques and computation of formulas that were previously established in other schemes. This supplemented the research with relevant materials in the field to attain their goal.
This model reflects the complexity of the Byzantine consensus scheme is O(n), instead of O(n 2). The research team found that the experiment positive outcome indicate that their Byzantine consensus scheme would address the Byzantine consensus problem safely on scalable way without a struggle and a leader in cloud computing services.
AB4: Hsu, C. H., Ma, J., & Obaidat, M. S. (2014). Dynamic intelligence towards merging cloud
communication services. Information Systems Frontiers, 16(1), 1-5.
The three authors of this paper are concerned with ever increasing use of cloud services and emerging challenges and dynamic that as existed in the practice. The effort of cloud integrating with communication services being one of the challenges is one of the issues that the authors have identified to represent recent progress in the field which includes works on cloud architecture, management, mobile computing among others.
The entire text provides novel ideas and state of the art techniques that are well analyzed with explanations and recommendations at the end. The literature and findings from ongoing works stimulates the future research in merging communication and cloud systems. The paper is based on either original communication or cloud services or purposes novel application models in various fields.
The special issue of Information System Frontiers has covered different aspects of problem practically and theoretically which is a landmark for education purpose, management use, and further related research in cloud computing and communication services.
AB5: Assunção, M. D., Calheiros, R. N., Bianchi, S., Netto, M. A., & Buyya, R. (2014). Big
Data computing and clouds: Trends and future directions. Journal of Parallel and DistributedComputing.
This journal discusses environments and approaches for carrying out analytics on clouds for big data applications. The authors carried extensive survey on different models that were able to show the variables and inconsistence in their performance.
Thorough the survey, the journal reports numerous gaps in models such as development and scoring, visualization and interaction, business models among others. The larger part of this study was based on existing models and reference of management and organizations struggling with analytics and Big data applications.
Possible gaps that the authors identified in the survey, they have provided recommendations to analytics and cloud-supported big data computing solutions. Also, the text highlights the importance of the survay on progressive works of the research community on cloud computing services.

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