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possible employers

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Possible Employer
Social responsibility is a factor that Google has been successful in building. It has built a reputation of treating the employees and the society well. Google Incorporation is a technological company that has been ranked by the Fortune magazine as the best company that an employee can work in 2015. This is the sixth time in which the company has been ranked the best place to work. The current Google employees believe that their work is meant to create a positive impact on the lives of people in the world. As the second largest company within the United States in terms of its market capitalization, Google has everything that an actual employee may expect. The Company has provided a conducive environment that makes its employees feel very comfortable when performing their duties (Crane, 96). Since the company has employed technology geniuses in the job market, it is necessary to provide the best environment in which these staff members will remain loyal to the company without thinking about moving to competitors. At Google, the employees have been provided with bicycles and electric cars that are used to get to meetings.
Environmental conservation is a very useful aspect in every company that deals with components that are unfriendly to the environment (Crane, 123). Moreover, the company has organic gardens that consist of 100 Earth boxes all planted with herbs and vegetables from different parts of the world. The produce is used to serve a Company purpose, such as providing ingredients for the Google’s Café.

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The Company also has eco-friendly furnishings which have been created using recycled items.
Google treats its employees with utmost respect and supports their innovative and creative staff (Crane, 131). The Fortune magazine states that Google provides new parents with a twelve weeks period of a fully paid baby bonding period, regardless of the parent’s gender. In addition, expectant women employees are usually given a maternity leave of about 22 weeks. This is one of the best paid parental leaves for new parents since the company cares about the new parents and thus offering parents a one-on-one consultation. Google also provides on-site nurses, physicians, medical services and a good health coverage to all its employees to keep them healthy and happy. There is also an emergency assistance and travel insurance that is awarded to all staff members, which can be used for both works related vacations and personal vacations. Death benefits are also awarded to the deceased employees families.
Google provides a global education leave program that enables an employee to pursue further education while it covers the costs incurred (Crane, 136). It also offers its staff with better job prospects in case an employee opt to leave Googleplex. Moreover, it encourages growth within the company at all levels of management. As a high-tech company, it always hires the best and the brightest minds. Hence, the employees are usually exposed to these amazing and intelligent thinkers. Being around this genius promotes the creative working environment, disruptive innovation, and collaboration with other employees. The Company CEO, Sundar Pichai, is one of the intellectual minds that Google has had recently. As a CEO, he has encouraged the culture for hard work and innovation within the Company. According to research within the company, he hires the best people and promotes the best workers around the company. Through his managerial experience, he has been successful in the leading the success of products such as the Android operating system, the Gmail messaging platform, the Chrome browse and the Chromebook laptops. He also led the advancement and success of the Google search engine. These are the main products that Google produces and their success within the market proves that the management is actually putting more effort for the success of the company.
Also, the company offers the employees with a very innovative working environment cultures. The focus on innovation has made the company to develop the nine principles of innovation. These principles have led to the development of products such as the Google Maps Street View, Google Alerts, and the Google News.
Despite being a the United States based company, it has employees from all over the world and does not discriminate any person despite the gender, ethnic background, social class or race. The company has set up Non-discrimination policies that protect an employee from discriminating another staff member due to a difference in races, gender or managerial position. Gender equality has been considered during employment of staff, with 28% women employed at the company and hold some of the managerial positions. However, there exist people from other races, such as 1% of African-American employee, 18% Asian employees, 38% Caucasian and 1% Hispanic. Despite having approximately forty-five thousand US-based employees, the above statistics show a representation of other groups of people from around the globe. Employee diversity is very important (Crane, 153) at Google since the company strives to employ the best and most intelligent employees who are all over the world. In this case, the company has provided the Non-discrimination rules to give those employees from different parts of the globe to work as a team and not to discriminate one another.
As a student pursuing a career that relates to technology, one should aim at working for a company such as a Google in order to gain the vast experience that the company and the employees have. Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, is a very good role model for a student aspiring to be successful in the technology industry. He and the hard working staff have led the company to be where it stand at this particular time. The working environment at Google clearly provides the atmosphere for one to success in his or her career.

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