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Quality Impovement paper

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Quality Improvement
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Quality Improvement
Quality improvement can be described as an approach that is formal to the performance analysis and the efforts that are systematic in improving the performance. It is necessary for the healthcare field to ensure that it has improvement initiatives that are of great quality (Besterfield, 2013). That is because the quality of health care is often determined as a degree through which the health services are delivered and whether the care has been able to accomplish the health care results that are desired. There are various issues that need to be improved in my organization. The paper will focus on the improvement of performance in the organization. Improving performance in the organization is very important since it will ensure that everything gets to go in the right way and it will also ensure that the organization will get to achieve all the goals that it has (Ryan, 2000). The paper will, therefore, focus on how performance can be improved in the organization.
For the quality to be good in the organization, every person in the organization has to perform very well. However, that has not been the case in my organization since people are performing poorly. They do not do things in the right way thus everything seems to be going wrong. For example, most of the workers are not always effective in what they do thus they always end up making very many mistakes that result to great problems in the organization.

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Timeliness is also not observed in the organization. Many people come to work late, and others are always late when it comes to delivering projects and that has lagged the organization behind since most of the projects are always implemented when it is too late.
There are very many ways through which change can be implemented in the organization. However, planned change is very important since it is a change that is calculated and purposeful. Collaborative efforts are also used in this type f change in order to ensure that they can accomplish the improvements that they need. Healthcare is a field that changes from time to time. Nurses are always expected to deliver the best care and also follow the evidence that exists in that field. Therefore, the need to update is continual, and they should always be ready to adapt to the changes that arise. The Moving changing theory is very important in this situation since it will ensure that the problem is determined at an early stage thus making the process of changing a bit easy. The theory also ensures that the change is initiated at the right time. The moving change theory will greatly improve performance since people will be involved in the change thus they will not have much difficulty in accepting the change (Demers, 2007). It is important for the staff to be engaged in the change process since that will ensure that the ideas of every person are considered thus the change made will be accepted by all the involved parties. Commitment is also important since it will ensure that people can take the change seriously and also work on it in the right way. Practicing initiatives that will lead to improvement is also important since it will ensure that the performance get to improve since people are working on ways through which it can be improved.
For the organization to have improved efforts that are continuous, data analysis is very essential. Six Sigma can be described as a process for a business improvement tool that is used to minimize the mistakes in an organization at a very high level (Stamatis, 2001). When the Six Sigma methodology is correctly followed it enables one to identify the inefficiencies that are in the process and they can address them for the purpose of generating cost saving, delivering services that are of good quality, and achieving results that are consistent and good (Desai, 2010). This is a methodology that helps a great deal in improving the processes where it uses a measurable and thorough approach in order to identify the problem and rectify it as well. Originally, its purpose was for the manufacturing organizations. However, it has had a great and successful evolution to other areas as well. When this methodology is used, it ensures that all the parties can benefit, the process gets effective, making of payments is faster, there is a better relationship between the management and the employees, the transparency of how the organizations spend better, and the customers get quality services thus they are always happy with the organization. This is because techniques that control phase are used, the residual invoices can be monitored thus it is very possible and simple to trace them. Monitoring of control phase is where the benefits that are immediate get delivered. This is where simple techniques for spend analysis can identify failing processes easily. Using the Six Sigma will, therefore, help the organization a lot since performance will greatly improve in all parts of the organization.
Using the six sigma will be of great help in making the changes in the organization. Six Sigma will intervene in the organization by controlling the expenditure thus ensuring that only the necessary resources are used and that will help in ensuring that there will be no wastage of resources in the organization (Chang, & Niedzwiecki, 1993). It will also help in measuring the performance of the employees, and that will be of great since it will ensure that the every person will be able to improve their performance.
Various resources are required for the change to take place. One of them is financial resources. The organization requires a lot of capital for it to make the change since making the changes that are required in the organization will cost some money thus finances will be used in the implementation of the change. Human resources are also required for the change to take place. That will ensure that people get to accept the changes and they also adapt to them. Therefore, the staff will not have a hard time in doing things in a new way. Structural resources are also very important in the change since it will ensure that the right set of people is used in implementing and also working on the process of change. That will also help in ensuring that the right way will be used in implementing the change.
Various methods will be used in evaluating the change. One of them is by measuring the performance of the employees. That will be done in order to see whether the performance of the employees is improving or not (Legge, 1984). That will also help a lot in showing the employees on the importance of working harder in order to ensure that they get to improve their performance and also improve the quality of their work. Measuring of performance will also help in identifying some of the employees that have improved their performance and those that are still lagging behind (Kaplan, 2009). Monitoring the progress of the organization will also help in evaluating whether the change is working or not. That will also help in identifying some of the areas that still require corrections in the process of the change. That will ensure that the change gets to move forward since the strategy can be revised if need be. That also helps in ensuring that challenges are also approached in a good way, and it also ensures that the change process goes in the right way (Kratochwill, 1978).
In conclusion, it is evident that change is very important in every field since it helps a lot in ensuring that things get to go in the right way. The change also ensures that the employees can improve their performance. Performance improvement helps in ensuring that quality also gets to improve in the organization. Various tools are used in the implementation of change, and they are very effective in dealing with the change. It is also very important for the change to be evaluated since that ensures that the change is implemented in the right was, and it also gets to accomplish what it was meant for. The evaluation also ensures that problems are identified in good time thus they are dealt with early enough before they result to greater problems.

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