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Racism In The Mexican Nation

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Racism in the Mexican nation


Mexico where the nation extends beyond the physical borders of the country since in the United States, Mexico occurs as a historically discriminated social group for reasons of its origin, physical and language characteristics, although they provide various economic benefits and social to both nations. Any nation that is proclaimed democratic cannot remain indifferent to the discrimination of a human being, which clearly violates the most fundamental human rights of people. In recent years, progress has been made in the institutionalization of attention to the subject; However, there is a long way to go in the fight against the discrimination of Mexicans wherever they are.

Mexico is increasingly considered a nation of migrants, a society whose destiny is linked to the economy and culture of the United States. Our migrants face racist and discrimination attitudes of both Americans and Mexicans. Their condition of undocumented places them in a situation of vulnerability. Among this group it is common to see the systematic violation of human rights, economic exploitation, social insecurity, contempt, racism and risk of death. The characteristics of migratory flows have been modified in the last decade. The rural areas were displaced by urban areas as migrants migrants. The traditional image of the peasant who was going to work in the fields little by little is left behind people from urban populations, with a higher level of schooling, even with a degree used in the services sector.

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Despite this increase in the level of schooling among migrants, most Mexicans established in that country are still low compared to other national migrant groups. Mexicans are among the poorest social groups, which increases their vulnerability to being discrimination. The discrimination of Mexicans in the United States is clearly based on skin color, the characteristics of their clothes, their tongue and their country of origin. In this way they are denying a basic right that is to be themselves, to possess identity, their language and their customs, even more they are denied the fundamental human right that life is law. The discrimination of Mexicans in the United States dates back to the 19th century when thousands of Mexicans were found in a different country, as a consequence of the treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo, for which Mexico lost more than half of its territory.

The Mexicans who remained in the new US territory were discriminated and treated as second citizens. For this reason in this Treaty Mexico had to negotiate provisions regarding Mexican citizens who wanted to remain in the current US territory. The attitudes of discrimination of American society towards the Mexican community and of Mexican origin increased in the community the need to organize for self-defense.

The Mexicans and Chicanos, who had tried their loyalty to the US nation in the two world conflagrations, realized that their struggle should continue until recognition of their contributions and the full exercise of their rights. The community and parish organizations of mutual defense and promotion of social housing, work and education programs that, in particular along the border, reinforced Mexicanity and established ties with some consuls and with groups on the Mexican side,.

Justification.Those affected in most cases are individuals belonging to the so -called minorities. These minorities are small groups within a society. There are times that these groups are not small but they are still rejected. For example race is a historical construction, product of social relations and economic political power, domination and exploitation, supported by a racial ideology. Likewise, the notion of race is intrinsically linked to the class notion, so the idea of ​​class struggle is essential to understand the centrality of racism and the concept of race in the American historical evolution. Race is a construction of hegemonic consensus, based on the idea that "black" is that with some trace of African black ancestry or for example of indigenous ancestry since it is not only for African ancest Mestizos. Determined according to the "Gota rule", it is a socially constructed category that grants a definitive class status in society. In the American case we have to go back to the time of the colony to locate the emergence of the notion of race as a central element in a worldview of the world that allowed to explain why some men were free and other slaves. In this worldview, "race" appears as a socio-cultural construction given by specific social relations in a given historical context, and that has evolved based on certain historical changes. That is why Mexicans are currently suffering from much discrimination and racism by Americans but in past centuries the United States was part of Mexico in fact several state of the southwest of the country was a Mexican part, Spanish was spoken and despite the fact that a new framework war new borders The names of the streets and cities today retain that cultural heritage.. The Latin footprint in the United States is undeniable but it seems that they still do not recognize that the greatness of the United States was founded on the shoulders of Mexicans, on the other hand the Americans are racist and do not tolerate that someone else reaches their territory for it They are very intolerant with both Mexicans and other nationalities therefore Spanish is the second language of the United States.

Problem Statement

Due to migration and as a result of this, a lot of racism is suffered in people, the student analyzes and gives their opinion on these circumstances and can even give possible solutions since with the theme of racism in Mexico, due to the same problem as to times with those who speak Spanish or others because they only use it as a language, they also discriminate against them and they even do an identity control just by speaking Spanish even the same police are racist, discriminate and denigrate them and especially as a result of the new Presidency of the United States increased, violence, verbal, physics, even in young children of Latinos and the use of Spanish is restricted and there are times that even by only Spanish speaking they run them from their jobs . That is why the interesting thing about this important issue and to get an analysis of the reason for that behavior towards those that are not of its same nationality, however it is important to mention that in the United States they suffer a lot of xenophobia since we not only talk about discrimination, denigration , but we talk about intolerance to other people who have that ideology so attached to it for the purity of races. While there are successful experiences, although there are no infallible formulas that lead everyone with the same certainty.

Research questions

  • Quality of life of Mexicans and Americans since much also influences the daily life of people that we can also consult the reason why racism originates and how this harms this in the daily life of Mexicans and American? Likewise, why is there so much trouble in which Mexicans step on the American land? Since we start from racism as well as its characteristics and the consequences that it with it leads to the consequent extensive towards the problem of racism.
  • The objective of this research is proposed by the analysis, criticism and the possible solution that could be argued for racism since it is a problem not only from Mexico but what we want to arrive is because it originates why so much discrimination that you do not It ends and we see it every day.
  • Likewise, being able to contribute our solutions to this problem, it is important to mention that racism against Mexicans in the United States is something concurrent. As well as the following
  • Quality of life -origen of racism -Why discrimination?



In this essay it is argued that in recent years the violence between Americans and Mexicans has increased. As society has increased and either because This is looking for the American dream.

The individuals who discriminate have a distorted vision of the essence of man and attribute to themselves characteristics or virtues that place them a step higher than certain groups. From that "height" they can judge the rest of the individuals for qualities that do not make the essence of these. Many times this rejection is manifested with hateful looks or with the lack of acceptance in public places, works or schools, actions that affect the rejected person.

Against despite declaring slavery as a crime against citizen’s rights, blacks allowed to find a solution to discrimination. However, it was necessary to wait almost a hundred years for more effective actions to be taken against the scourge of discrimination, not only racial but also that originated by sex, nationality and social class, highlight that although the affirmative actions have been a decisive factor In the fight against racial and sexual discrimination in the United States, it is necessary to reassess the social and legal principles on which it is based.