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Rate of Terrorism

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Global terrorism has expanded beyond mere human control measures. Terrorism has destabilized peace and unity, and economic prosperity of the affected countries of the world. This factor has geared the Product Of Institute for Economic and Peace to evaluate the global terrorism index by their intensity, trends and patterns in the top ten leading countries in an attack. The index scores for the ten countries over the past decade years shows some indicators based on the fatalities, damages, injuries, and incidents.
1. Iraq 35.4% 5751
2. Afghanistan 17.3% 2810
3. Pakistan 13.1% 2128
4. Nigeria 10.2% 1657
5. Syria 6.0% 975
6. India 2.3% 374
7. Somalia 2.2% 357
8. Yemen 1.6% 300
9. The Philippines 1.6% 300
10. Thailand 1.1% 179
Iraq is the leading with the highest frequency of attacks that rendered 5752 people died based on IEP records. Most of the attacks occurred in Baghdad. Many bombings have occurred in the last decade that target the Baghdad and Basra. Iraq records the terrorism index of 9.56 which is the highest.
Afghanistan accounts for the death of 2,810 lives with terrorism index of 8.67. It was the highly affected country, and most of the attacks got caused by Al-Qaeda squad controlled by Osama bin Laden. Changes have taken place in Afghanistan ranging from the killing of Osama bin Laden. The third country is Pakistan that records 2,128 lives of people in the last decade.

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Such in turn increased the percentage to 13.1%
In the last decade in Nigeria, there has been bombing cases that rendered 2657 people lives. For instance the terror that occurred during the Independence Day in 2010. Such results from the fight for liberation Syria feature in number 5 with a record of 975 death rate. In Syria, most of the attacks are caused by anti-government Islamic movements and free Syrian Army. India is number six with a record of 374 people witnessed deadly over the last ten years. For instance the Mumbai attack. In number seven, Somalia has recorded 357 number of people dead for the last decade. Most attacks occur in Mogadishu and gets caused by Al- Shabaab Islamist militant group that is headed by the Al-Qaeda (Lum, Cynthia M, and Leslie W. Kennedy, 2012).
Yemen and Philippines are number 8 and nine respectively with 300 number of death cases. In Yemen, terror commonly results from the Muslims extremist that are controlled by Jews. The Philippines has the same % as Yemen, and most of the attacks here arise from the political conflicts by rebels. Lastly, Thailand has recorded the lowest cases of the terror attack on the top ten leading countries. It accounts for a percentage of 1.1% with only 179 people recorded dead for the past decade. .most attacks in this country result from by the Thailand insurgency from the South (Riedel, Marc, and Wayne, 2015)
A bar graph showing the number of deaths in the top ten countries leading in terrorist attack

A bar graph showing the percentage number of fatalities in the percentage in most stricken countries (LaFree, Gary, and Laura, 2014).

The percentage figures show that 80% of the total terrorist death took part in five countries.

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