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Read the poem below carfully. The Poem

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When I heard the learn’d astronomer
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The speaker of the poem was an audience who was seated in a lecture hall listening to the learned astronomer as he taught the students. During the lecture the speaker sees proof and figures used before him. Additionally, he examines the charts and the diagram that he was supposed to analyze them mathematically. The speaker who was a student does not applaud the learned astronomer as everyone does at the end of the lecture. He instead sits there in the lecture room feeling tired and sickly; it was after he got out that the speaker felt a sigh of relief as he looked up the sky and finally recognize the magic that they were taught in class. The speaker shows us that looking up into the sky at night was not an experience that one could get in class regardless of how learned the lecture is, the speaker shows that experiences in the real life were the only way to learn.
The poem of white man central theme is dissatisfaction. The speaker is totally dissatisfied with the astronomy lecturer. The speaker finds the lecture to be totally boring and not informing at all. The speaker does not like the fact that he is supposed to find the astronomer stars and the mathematical formulae. The speaker is dissatisfied to an extent that the speaker does not see the connection between the subject of concern and that taught. He additionally claims to be feeling sick and exhausted at the end of the lecture due to the dissatisfaction that he experienced in contrast to the other students in the lecture hall who were so pleased to the extent that they applauded the astronomer lecture at the end.

Wait! Read the poem below carfully. The Poem paper is just an example!

Additionally, the speaker is seen to be satisfied when gets the view of the night sky and experiences the magic. From the other part of the poem, the speaker demonstrates satisfaction something that he claimed that he could not acquire in class despite the fact that an experienced astronomer lecturer was teaching him, from his expression the speaker experience and overwhelming life experience and claims that life Marvel was the only way one could learn.
In the poem Walt Whitman uses poetic techniques such as imagery, rhyme scheme and contrast to bring us to the understanding of his work. There are other techniques employed, but the three are the primary poetic technique that he uses. Firstly there is Rhyme scheme is displayed in the poem in the first two lines. The poet repeats begin by repeating the title of the poem. A technique that Whitman uses so as to give extra weight to the first phrase. He does this to set up the idea that the speaker is listening to an educated scientist lecture. The phrase also stands out with an internal rhyme scheme. The rhyme scheme is shown by the two words on the same line in the title that is “heard” and “learn’d.”
Secondly, the poet also brings about the aspect of a slant rhyme or known as inexact rhyme. Consequently, the use of learn’d was used to make then “n” to sound like ‘heard” but it emphasized the sense of the repetition of the process. The first line of the poem is given an impression of awkwardness by the slant rhyme scheme, as it is hard to pronounce and to use the same long vowels and the sound twice in a row.
The other form of poetic technique that Whitman uses is imagery. First, the poet does describe the lecture hall where the astronomer is teaching by the use of charts to illustrate the theories to the audience to an extent where the audience applauds him after the lecture. Also, in the second part of the poem Whitman brings about the aspect of imagery more vividly, he clearly describes how the speaker felt when he glides out of the magical night moist air. He also demonstrates the dazzling of the stars above the speaker, with all these in place Whitman’s imprints pictures on our mind using his arrangement and the usage of the words.
Lastly, the speaker also uses contrast a poetic technique in his work. Contrast is demonstrated between the learned astronomer and the speaker. Whitman’s uses the speaker voice to show us that he was not an academic for instance the poet uses learn’d to mean taught as a way of describing the astronomer professor. Moreover, the speaker gets bored with the sophisticated theories and the mathematical equations that were being used by the scientist. However in the other case the scientist is seen to be a very skilled individual that can use the precise mechanism in class to bring the actual concept of the world into a class perspective. He uses a more structured approach to educating his audience by use of the charts to represent the stars and the other natural bodies. The earned speaker and the astronomer are contrasted to one another as demonstrated in the poem.

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