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Reasons for selecting nursing as a career, how did i learn about Arnot Ogden Medical Center School of Nursing, Reasons for desiring entrance into program, flans for future

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Reasons for selecting nursing as a career at Arnot Ogden Medical Center School of Nursing
It was not always easy to be honest with myself, more so in my school years that was shredded with a carefree attitude towards my academic performance. As with any typical life of a teenage girl, the conflicting and complex choices about how to live my life did more to detach me from concentrating on my studies. Even more challenging was my college experience that saw me take on a daily gruesome four-hour journey to school as my family lived miles away from the college. The same narrative of poor academic performance was replicated mostly in key units such as Math studies. With years reflection, however, I have come to embrace a guiding principle that has enabled me view schooling not just from the perspective of getting good grades, but more importantly, as a place to hone my life skills for a better future.
Modest as it may be, this profound principle is fuel for my deep-seated desire to pursue a nursing career. At 36 years, even with a strong family as a support system, it is a stretch to imagine this manifestation. However, with my sheer determination and will, I believe my strong character developed through the years saviors for moments such as this because it reminds me beyond the lame academic excellence in my youthful years, there exist a self-discovered mature woman whose goals are inclined towards excellence. My life is firmly planted in devotion to the nursing profession coupled with a strong adoration for a successful academic experience that is filled with passion.

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I am aware the journey towards becoming a successful nurse has its fair share of challenges, such as the demanding shifts and the need to develop a strong personality to care and lift the spirit of patients. I have demonstrated the ability to communicate effectively with compassion. This skill enabled me to give personalized care and attention to my grandparents when they were battling with illness. My dedication, care, and words of encouragement would take their average day and transform it into happiness, despite their agony. I was enamored with this experience and what made it most appealing was the sense of responsibility for more people such as my grandparents.
As my longing for being a successful nurse in future heightens, so does my desire to hone my skills at Arnot Ogden Medical Center School of Nursing. I learned about this school through a comprehensive online research of nursing colleges. The reason I chose the medical center stems from the carefully constructed program that combines both instructive learnings with clinical experience. The fact that I can join the National Nurse’s Association that gives me exposure through attending conventions and meetings at national and state levels is lifetime opportunity I would not want to miss. The relevance of the program to the nursing profession and close attention by the supervisors with long years of real life experience in the nursing profession will equip me with competencies for the profession.
My pride of being in a nursing school with strong affiliations and accreditations by Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) and credit awards by the State University of New York National College Credit Recommendation Service is unmatched (Arnot Health 1). The program will help me develop future education and community outreach programs. The nursing knowledge will enable me to care and address the growing health issues in my community. Just as my guiding principle has elevated my passion for nursing, the education at Arnot will set me on a path of inspired bravery to care for my community.

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