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reasons for transferring an objectives you would like to achieve

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Reasons for Transferring and Objectives to Achieve
Reason for transfer:
I intend to change my major from psychology to communication for several reasons. Psychology is a good major, but it was not clicking on me. Besides, the material in psychology major never appeared to hold my interest. I was surrounded by chances to test out prospects through taking starter courses, especially in the interested disciplines including communications. The main reason I want to change my major is to gravitate towards my future career. I attempted to figure out on ways I could benefit from things I enjoy doing. For example, I am a social person who enjoys writing. Besides, am passionate about creativity and imagination which is well-matched for generating content-oriented communication outcomes such as press releases, advertisements, and news (Lees 68).
Unlocking my potential in communication is another reason for the change in major. I consider communication as a major that is applied to diverse fields such as public administration, education, intercultural communications, news broadcasting, marketing, public relations, business, and journalism. I have a strong desire for both intercultural communications and news broadcasting. In essence, communications are much sought-after especially in the current world of saturated markets, complex technologies, and business jargon. The knowledge in communications will be essential when working with the creative digital-age or business executives.

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The communications major will enable me to create awareness on ways to communicate effectively to diverse audiences. Communication has become essential in the fast-growing realm of digital media.
The change in major will be perfect for me because I have diverse talents and multiple interests. The communication major provides techniques, tools, and theories for improving, managing, and analyzing communication in the area of personal and professional interaction. I am always eager to contribute to and learn from a cutting-edge, challenging, and flexible academic environment. I know the communication major will develop in me an increased skill and awareness in communication, broaden my views, and challenge my mind. I will be able to learn courses that move from theoretical concepts to specific challenges incorporated in creating advertising campaigns that will prosper. I attribute different beliefs and values as the main cause of communication challenges.
The change in major will help expand my network through a diverse community. Communication will be of great benefit in a diverse workplace. For example, there are some insights in any diverse community. However, language barriers exist in the workplace which could be a challenge without communication knowledge. Communication helps an individual overcome communication barriers which consequently leads to an expanded network through interaction with the diverse community. The communications skills will allow me to obtain feedback from people since I intend to run own business in future. The communication knowledge will be vital for business growth and expansion.
My objective is to create my own business where I would teach people on ways to collaborate and communicate effectively with others especially from diverse backgrounds. Besides, my objective is to learn to take my place as a pioneer problem-solver, engaged citizen, and responsible leader in my business and within the community. The communication major will allow me to carry out a research project that blends practice with a theory for engaged and productive criticism. In essence, I look forward to learning ways to produce and evaluate communication skills that adapt to changing audiences and situations. The communication skills will include several career choices and find specialized opportunities abound.

Works Cited
Lees, John. Career Reboot. Berkshire, England, McGraw Hill Professional, 2009,.

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