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Reflection Assignment – Copy

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Reflection Assignment
Discipline is vital for an excellent academic and life after school. Being drunk has made me feel awry as I have been disrespectful to all the stakeholders and the school fraternity. I got drunk unmistakably not knowing the repercussion of my illusions, but through that incident I have gone through counseling and total reflection in my life. Self respect and worthiness will be my driving license through the rest of my life as I now know that they are vital in one’s life. I need to exercise self-discipline so as to have a successful academic as well as my future life.
Ethics has been one of the strengths I have adopted. Secondly, I want to be highly motivated in academic work and keeping distance to things that will distract my positive focus in life. Management is the other strength that I possess. Being manageable in my life will help me work on my behavior and manage my academics positively. To be an excellent and motivating student, I must regularly show constraint. Not giving into something I want is an indication of durability. Creating the right choices in lifestyle can ruin my life. This kind of behavior will assist me in formulating the right decisions I have to make in this life. Regardless of where I apply this self-restraint, it will help me promote my goals and achievements in my life.
Self-respect will deliver balance and framework into my personal life. It will instruct me to be accountable and well-mannered.

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The observance of well-defined guidelines is the basis of the community as a whole. If there were no discipline, people would do whatever they desired and get some things wrong without placing the concern of others first and priority. It encourages good personal actions to a better community and creates it a more pleasant position for everyone to stay. The capability for that I’ll have self-restraint will allow me to be continually strict and manage my ways. A deficiency of this ability can have terrible outcomes. Being unruly and drunk will never help me in any way. It is obvious how these actions will damage the picture of my reputation.
I promise to put a smile on my face every day, all day. Greet everyone I meet kindly and warmly, model appropriate behavior in the presence of my teachers, fellow students, and the society as a whole. I will approach everything in what I am going to be taught in the academics with enthusiasm and never to speak negatively to anyone. I will never get drunk and intoxicated again as this will ruin my reputation and my behavior as well. Focus my energy and attention on solutions and not problems and never to complain about my workload, tutors, and my fellow students.
Academic achievement will be my priority as I have learned from the incident that I need to be more serious than ever in my life. I need to have the hunger for excellence. It means that my focus will be fully on my academics and save the time wasted during the drinking sprees. The drive for hard work will help me strive for positive academic performance. I also have to benchmark against the best.
Asking for wise counsel from my tutors as well as my parents and colleagues will work well for me. I will set my targets and make sure that I achieve them with ease and without really struggling for them. Whenever I get stuck, I will ask for guidance and do a lot of practice to see that I perfect and work towards what I want to achieve in OSU. My achievements will also be characterized by the fact that I will believe that I can do it. Ethics is paramount to every success. When I think of myself, I know that I will get somewhere. It will help me build up my confidence and leverage it as I pursue my goals. In the end, it will create an upward spiraling effect in my attitude and what I believe.
Also, I have to create key strategies on how I will tackle my academic work. Every goal needs a proper plan for it to come to life. People fail in their lives as they lack proper strategies on how to go about their endeavors. Therefore, through definite plans, I will work hand in hand to see that I achieve my goals in a professional and ethical manner. I will learn from my past experiences that drinking and careless driving will only get me into troubles. I bid to work hard in my job and life and change the unethical behavior of the incident and change for the better. I won’t limit myself off the opportunities of a good conduct, and I will see that I do all it takes to be an upright person.
Adaptability is one of the essential pillars of a quality life. I can cower in the experience of change, understand on to cope with it or even convert it into my benefit. I will be prepared for change at all times and create a helpful connection with change. Never give up. I will keep in mind that defeat never happens unless I agree to it as defeat.
Lehman, D. R., Lempert, R. O., & Nisbett, R. E. (1988). The effects of graduate training
on reasoning: Formal discipline and thinking about everyday-life events.
American Psychologist, 43(6), 431

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