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settlement help to create Europe

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How Settlement Helped Create Europe
Europe in the seventh century had seen many struggles, turmoil, pain and death. The war that took thirty years raged throughout across every land that was created by the religious beliefs paid by the many numbers of lost lives.
Both settlements and migration in North America was not just a European affair but believed to have begun in the pre-historic times when the majority of the world’s water that was frozen in the ice sheets that causes water levels in the oceans.
The First World War took place for four years from 1914 to 1918 while the Second one took place from 1939 to 1945.On both wars, they were termed as being the largest military conflicts historically in connection with the human race. During these two wars, military alliances were formed between different countries that were organized into distinct groups. The First World War was mainly in Europe and was divided into two groups The Central Powers and The Allied Powers. Whereby The Central Powers Was made up of Bulgaria, Germany and many other countries just to mention a few, The Allied Powers had some countries such as Britain, The United States of America and others. While the Second World War was made up of two alliances that are The Axis made of Germany and Japan and The Allies consisting of mainly the U.S, China and Britain.
There are differences between the two wars; some of the differences are as outlined below.

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The First-World-War was for four years while the Second World War was for six years. The First World War was due to the assassination of Francis from Australia while the Second World War was due to political and economic instability by Adolf Hitler. In the First World War, the conflict was between The Central Power and The Allied Powers while in the Second World War conflict was between The Axis Power and The Allied Powers. During World War 1, about 17 million people died while in world war 11 over 60 million people were no more. The outcome of the First World War was the formation of The League of Nations which they hoped would prevent such wars. While in The Second World War, The Allies won over the Axis and established The United Nations to prevent conflicts.
After the First World War, the war between the two parties seemed to persist, and there was the signing of Treaty of Versailles and the Germany in 1919.According to Germany, this treaty dictated peace. The victorious Powers imposed harsh treaties towards the Central Powers, some countries in The Central Powers parts of their territories portion were taken by the Western Powers, who won for example in Germany Poland toke some parts of Germany territories. This treaty led to the different number of consequences such as first, this treaties restoration of Germany, it had lost a lot regarding the property.
Germany lost some of the resources to other countries such as France and Britain. It was forced to make some payments that did not exist in France and Britain. During the First World War, Germany lost the biggest portion in comparison with other countries involved. In the course of the Second World War, the Allies won over German and Japan. The Allies learnt some lessons from the Second World War. The first deception is something key to apply to a competitor. Allies applied deception to Germany which enabled him to become a victor during the Second World War. This group of countries planned on the operations they had planned to act towards their opponents. Secondly, applications intelligence on how to handle your opponent helps over to become a winner. The Allies acted with a lot of intelligence to attack The Axis Powers. Dealing with an opponent one should carefully learn the opponent weakness and from his weakness, he or she will be defeated. The formed Allied forces were able to defeat Germany because they were able to analyze and know the weaknesses of their opponents.
The current Europe we are today is because of mainly the settlement of Versailles in European countries. Starting with the time when First World War ended to the when second world war ended, this is what determines the current Europe. The group of countries that failed was supposed to make some payments to the other which won. According to the First-World-War, The Central Powers, which included Germany made some payment in the form of cash of any other kind to the Western Powers that is France and Britain. The current financial status of these two countries is far much better than that of Germany, and this makes how they are currently. The Second World War where the Allies won, the Axis was supposed to make some payment to the Allies which are the current position of the two groups involved in the Second World War. The United States of America is among the Allies group; this superiority is the one who has made The United States of America the current position it is today. The financial status of most of the European countries is as a result of these two wars that occurred between 1914 and 1945.Those countries paid because of winning are currently, in a good financial status and economic status as compared to those who paid. Such countries include The United States of America, Britain, France and many others.

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