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Shaping of the Fire Service.

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Shaping the Fire Service
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Fire is one of the disasters that is either caused by human or occur naturally. When such catastrophic and disastrous events occur, people usually pause and focus on what should be done to prevent the reoccurrence. The focused is strategized based on the damages that have been caused by the hazardous event. Historically, many nations have improved their fire service only after the devastated damage of property and massive loss of life had occurred. Fire is a widespread phenomenon that with first recorded in Egypt. Egypt was the first nation to improvise the fire protection efforts. This paper focuses on some of the historical events that resulted in changes to fire service (Smith, 1978).
Historical events in fire service.
Changes in fire service get attributed to the effort that first seen in Rome around 1764. In ancient Egypt, hand operated pump was employed to extinguish fires. A group of slaves were the people who comprised the fire brigade department. In AD 6 Augustus of Egypt built Vigils or group of slaves to combat fire. They employed bucket brigade, pumps, poles, hooks, and ballistae so as to bring down the building before the flame. These group of slaves patrolled in the streets of Rome but where did not benefit as the department was under the bourgeoisie.
Another historical event that brought change in fire service gets drawn from Chicago after a great catastrophic fire conflagration of 1871. This event led to the rebuilt of the city.

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Conversely, the effects led to changes in fire services such as the advancement of the construction styles and architectural designs. In 1903, fire disaster was a forgone issue in the city of Chicago since the new architectural designs that were improvised could not easily attract fire. For instance, the Iroquois Theatre which was one of the greatest entertainment venues was constructed of fire resistive materials. Though it was well built, many fire protection devices were still missing and inoperable when the fire broke out. These include poorly marked exits, the absence of alarm system, nonoperational ventilators and impassable asbestos curtains (Smith, 1978).
The Triangle Shirtwaist Company
The company was located in Washington (lower Manhattan) with the majority of its workers being young female immigrants. In 1911, the fire broke out and nearly 500 works jammed in the eighth and ninth floor. The building had ten levels supposedly build to resist fire, but all was in vain. It resulted in the death of many workers that ultimately led to some of the changes in the fire service. For instance, the fire department created a new bureau of fire prevention. Labor laws got enacted and based on this tragedy, and employment began on the codes that resulted into insurance of workers lives.
Notably, change usually takes time, just after a year from the last tragedy, another serious blaze broke out in North America in a school known as our Lady of the Angles where the fire trapped the students in their rooms. After this horrible tragedy, some changes were made especially in institutions. For instance exit were mandatory, emphasis on the firefighting equipment’s and alarms and school inspections was monitored. More so, the constructions must be in agreement with the code.
Most significant achievements made in the fire service
The most outstanding achievements in fire service include, the building codes and the system sensor. With the system sensor, fire sprinkler system gets employed so as to reduce the rate of the fire damage and safeguard places and people’s lives in a workplace and at home (Thornburg et al., 2015). The significant of system sensor should gauge with the water flow detector. For instance when a sprinkler head gets triggered, the water begins to flow and send the fire signals to the notification device. This approach enables firefighters to respond quickly hence less damage is recorded.
Accordingly, the building designs should be gauged the National Fire Alarm codes and precepts (Smith, 1978). The architectural plans should entail all the possible emergency communication systems. As mentioned earlier, any building must be constructed of fireproof materials. Additionally, the building composed of the modern facilities with clear instructions and operational features is not susceptible to damages caused by fire. For instance functional ventilators, exits, alarm system, extinguishers asbestos curtains, and automatic sprinklers. These are some of the basic requirements a building should portray. For sure, such a building will witness little to no fire instances soon.
Conclusively, the historical events give insight on some of the safety lessons and improvements in fire service. Though there are nothing new but we, have to learn some of the lessons for every generation if we want to curb fire disasters. Ideally, fire is a threat that we should prevent at all cost.

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