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sources and usages of data 234 unit 6

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Data sources and usages in different organizations
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Data sources and usages in different organizations
In all organizations data is needed to help them grow economically and socially. There are different sources and types of data depending on the organization or the uses the data. Data sources depend on the type of organization. There are different types of data primary data and secondary data. Primary data is data observed then recorded directly first-hand whereas secondary data is primary data when published. In work institutions and health organizations, researches conduct many projects each year to get data (Walters, 2007 ).
Census is conducted by government institutions in different countries. Census helps a government to know is population. They get to know the different ages of their population, sex and if their employed or unemployed. This kind of data helps a government in planning for its population. Another source of data in an institution, the owner or controllers of it may want to know the hardships that workers experience so as to better its working conditions. This data helps an organization to retain its workers and motivate them to even work harder to uplift it. In this the organization will have grown its profit margins.
In a health organization , data comes from demographic information from the hospital admission, discharge and transfer system, medical use from the pharmacy’s database, disease and treatment information.

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Some health organizations use patient identifiers which helps a hospitals work easier .The identifier helps them to link a patient with his/her prior diseases that ha/her had been diagnosed with and when it was the last time they visited the health institution(Walters, 2007 ). The identifier gives the whole history of a patient, tests run on them and treatment that was previously given. Most times the identifier is a card given to a patient with a reference number. This number is typed in the organizations database where all the information was previously typed in and it gives all the patients information.
Health institutions collect data on diseases that have previously been a nightmare. For example, In Africa the Ebola disease outbreak has been a nightmare to the health institution s due to lack of a possible cure and vaccination (Walters, 2007 ). Health researchers conduct tests of the different diseases and write a follow up after every outbreak occurrence . They record this data and it helps to follow on how to calm outbreak of disease Government institutions get data from people’s responses on different issues. Social media has helped to get the public and leaders to interact. The public expresses its opinions to the government ,that in turn collects that primary data and it helps to improve its services to the public (Walters, 2007 ).
Trade organizations as well collect data. Tenders are submitted by different people to organizations to provide goods/service or both. There are issues that come up, where the givers and buyers of the tender tend to differ. The organization gives a follow up questionnaire to know satisfaction of the different people who offered tenders . This helps an organization to know how to Improve its tendering process the next time. Data is important in the different organizations. It helps to improve customer relations as well as workers relations. The data collected and recorded can be used for very many years if stored well for future references.

Walters, R. (2007 ). ’Categories and Computer Science’. New York: Routledge.

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