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Special Skill And Convincing Employer To Hire You Based On That Skill

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Working as a volunteer in a previous organization has helped me discover that I possess an exemplary skill in negotiation. Being part of a leadership skill, negotiation skills are essential for anyone in management. This strength comes handy on the numerous occasions that need conflict resolution. Organizations need an individual who can lead them through collective bargaining and other forms of negotiation. Having this skill, I will be relevant to this course due to the numerous excellent negotiation skills I have displayed in the past.
Whatever the conflict may be, I have often employed two tactical approaches that have seemed to work just perfectly. The integrative and distributive approaches have enabled me always to solve conflicts despite their complex nature. Such a skill will allow the organization to stay ahead of others due to the conducive environment that is created in a conflict-free organization.
In some instances, I have had to apply the use of a third party in sorting out a dispute. A conclusive settlement sometimes requires that an arbitrator is present to offer a neutral bargaining platform. With my skills, I have applied this principle when called upon. The numerous stalemates I have solved have enabled me to gain confidence in my skills to negotiate into reaching a substantial agreement.
Working as part of your organization, I intend to employ this talent to settle disputes that arise both within and without the organization.

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This will propel the firm to greater heights due to the tranquil working environment. I have always desired to hold a leadership position. Working in your organization will allow me to exploit my talent for the advantage of your firm.

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