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Staffing Practices Paper

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Staffing Practices
Section I
The section shows the recruitment and selection process for the position of Civil Engineer. The position of Civil Engineer is open at the ABC Company. ABC Company is an engineering firm that deals with the construction of bridges. The major clients of the company are the national governments and also the regional governments. The company is multinational, and its headquarters is based in the New York City in the United States of America. The company has one vacant position of Civil Engineer. The position is open to qualified residents of the United States. The recruitment process aims at encouraging qualified people to apply for the vacancy. Selection process entails choosing one suitable candidate among a pool of applicants. The vacancy has been advertised on the website of the organization. The website is The vacancy is also advertised in all the social media pages of ABC Company like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. The applications are accepted in electronic form online. Candidates are required to submit their application letters, resumes and electronic copies of certificates, through the recruitment portal of the company. The deadline for the application is December 20, 2015.
Job Description
The job description illustrates the duties and responsibilities of the Civil Engineer. The Civil Engineer will be responsible for designing appropriate bridges for the clients who are majorly the States governments and also the federal government.

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The Civil Engineer must ensure that the bridge designs are easy to construct, durable and affordable. Innovation and creativity should be applied to the new bridge designs so as to ensure sustainability. The Civil Engineer will also supervise the technical staffs who work in the civil engineering projects under his or her jurisdiction. The Civil Engineer must ensure proper and continuous maintenance of all bridges that have been constructed by the company. The engineer should furnish the Head of Engineering Department with regular reports on the accomplished and projected bridge engineering projects.
Job Specification
The Civil Engineering should have an adequate academic qualification, work experiences and professional membership. The successful candidate must have a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil Engineering) degree from a recognized University. The candidate must also have a minimum of five years experience in the field of civil engineering. Candidates who have successfully headed civil engineering projects will be given an additional advantage in the selection process. The desired candidate must be a member of an engineering professional body that is recognized in the United States. These professional bodies include; American Association of Engineering Societies, American Society of Civil Engineers, and accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology.
Reporting Relationship
The Civil Engineer is directly answerable to the Head of the Engineering Department. The Head of the Engineering Department illustrates project goals, provides resources, and illustrates the strategies that the Civil Engineer will use to accomplish organizational goals and objectives. The performance of the Civil Engineer will be reviewed by the Head of the Engineering Department. The Civil Engineer is expected to provide regular work progress report to the Head of Engineering. The Civil Engineer also has the responsibility of supervising all the technical and casual staffs who in all civil engineering projects that he or she heads.
Remuneration and Salary
The remuneration provided to the Civil Engineer is very competitive. The engineer will get a basic monthly salary of US$7,000, and this translates to an annual income of US$84,000. The engineer will also get house allowance, company transport and health insurance. If the engineer satisfactorily achieves company goals, then the company will provide a cash bonus, in addition to company financed vacations.
Section II
Labor Market
The labor market entails a category of the nominal market where interested and capable people can find works, and the employers can also easily access the potential employees. The wage rate is determined in the labor market by the forces of demand and supply. If the people who are qualified and willing to perform a given job are accessible, then the market forces illustrate reduction in prices and the employers benefit from a more affordable labor force.
Hiring Philosophy
Hiring philosophy of the company involves the entire procedure of attracting, selecting and also appointing qualified candidates for employment positions existing within the company. Hiring also entails identifying suitable candidates to occupy unpaid positions; for example, interns and volunteers. At ABC Company, the person who oversees all recruitment is the Head of Human Resource Department.
Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)
The company is an Equal Employment Employer. All candidates are given the same opportunity and privilege to the entire hiring processes. The Head of Human Resources provides complete information about the recruitment and selection processes. Candidates who are dissatisfied with the recruitment process can always appeal to the Head of Human resources.
Recruitment Sources
One important recruitment sources are the company staff. The employees are encouraged to apply for the positions they qualify for, especially if the position enhances upward mobility in their careers. The second recruitment source is the Website of the company. The website enables stakeholders to access the information on the recruitment process. The company will also use the social networks as a recruitment source; for instance, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
Selection Standards
The selection processes of the company are subjected to five major steps. These steps are; personal leadership, instructional leadership, culture leadership, team leadership, and operational leadership. Personal leadership is demonstrated through the ability to formulate goals and the strategies for realizing the goals. Instructional leadership involves the capability of the staff to properly participate in the training programs of the company. Culture leadership involves the ability of the staff to follow the core values of the organization like customer focus. Team leadership illustrates the level of the staff to work together with other to realize organizational goals. Operational leadership involves the ability of the candidate to understand the organizational structure and the reporting relationships.

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