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Stop Eating Fast Food

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Stop Eating Fast FoodsIn today’s generation, people choose to eat fast foods rather than healthy foods. They prefer these kinds of foods that are mostly deep fried hence very fatty. Most of the fast foods are quite cheap and delicious therefore it is favored by many people. Despite them being affordable, they are not the best choice because they negatively affect our health. For this reason, people should avoid eating fast foods and choose healthier foods. These fast foods cause many lifestyle diseases such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart diseases, among others.
As earlier said, fast foods are often deep fried, thus they contain high calories and fats. Fast foods easily make one full but due to quick digestion; individuals often get hungry within a short time. As a result, they end up eating more and raising their calorie intake to higher levels. Research shows that high-calorie intake is the leading cause of obesity in most people. In fact, “The largest proportion of obesity and diseases in the history of American society is because of eating junk food.” This explains why two out of three US citizens are either obese or overweight. Also, obesity in some people causes death. For instance: there are about 120000 deaths in the US in a year.
Eating fast foods also causes type 2 Diabetes. The body does not produce enough chemicals to prevent the disease. Most fast foods contain processed meats such as bacon and sausages that may lead to type 2 Diabetes.

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The excess salts in the processed meats affect an individual’s body, and this puts one at risk. Fast foods also contain a lot of carbohydrates that affect the body when taken in excess. According to Denise Mann, “Red meat, particularly processed red meats like bacon, sausage, and hot dogs, may increase a person’s risk of developing type 2 Diabetes”. Lastly, packaged foods contain preservatives and sweeteners that increase one’s sugar levels. A lot of sugar has a bad effect on any person’s bodily functions.
Fast foods also have high sodium levels. They contain an extra 75% of the required sodium level in any given meal. For this reason, they greatly increase an individual’s blood pressure. High intake of salt causes the body to have a lot of fluids such as water. The fluids increase pressure in blood vessels and cause a strain in the heart, and this may increase the blood pressure. Those foods containing high sodium intake include pizza, bread, potato chips, and soups, among others. Bridget Coila outlines that, “The sodium content in chips may negatively impact your cardiovascular health. A high intake of sodium can cause an increase in blood pressure, which can lead to stroke, heart failure, coronary heart disease and kidney disease”. It is necessary for people to focus on healthier foods to avoid putting themselves at risk. It is clear that high blood pressure may cause heart or kidney disease.
In conclusion, people should consider living healthier lives by eating healthy and exercising. They should eat food such as vegetables, fruits, unprocessed foods and whole grains. Exercises help in breaking down and burning excess calories in the body. They also increase the blood flow to the brain resulting in more active individuals. As a matter of fact, most of those people suffering from obesity are inactive and not productive. Staying away from fast foods greatly affects one’s role in the society.

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