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Students Privacy

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Students Privacy
The current world has been highly dependent on technology. The collection of the mass amounts of data continues, including students’. The control of personal information has been lost by students. The risk, therefore, for students privacy has risen. Schools have adopted to use of educational technology and services based on the cloud. Students are tracked, monitored, traced and scored more currently than ever before. While the technology may present some advantages, it also has some risks to students’ privacy. In the past few years, students’ privacy has become a hot topic. It has garnered attention from states as well as Congress. Amid the taking place in the issue, it is clear that students need to regain control of their information.
The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Acts does not apply a lot in data on the students that the schools amass. Because of the privacy risk, there needs to be a consensus on the need for a modern private data protection framework. There have been suggestions of a badge mechanism. This is where the companies that uphold the students’ privacy require a kind of approval, which signals their commitment to the protection of students’ information.
The current practices reflect a lot on the status quo. The system does very little to safeguard student information. For instance, the Software and Information Industry Association does not allow students to access and change data that private vendors collect.

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The companies do not also address retention and deletion polices. The policies should allow the students to delete their data after it has been used for the primary purpose. Additionally, there should be an enforcement mechanism that makes sure the regulations are followed by institutions.

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