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Study On Identity, Tolerance And Exclusion

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Study on identity, tolerance and exclusion

I want to start this essay with a phrase from Nelson Mandela, who was an activist politic”We live in the 21st century where many say that the times of racism and discrimination have been finished, great error, and we can see this in the street children by expressing ourselves“ what disgust with those muggos, an equal Indian click, we are notequal ", phrases that still sound on our lips by people who believe are being able to humiliate, insult and assault.

The video of Tenoch Huerta draws my attention, which “having two careers, one as an actor and another as a journalist cannot aspire to a leading role of the strawberry kid, of the university boy, etc. And just because it is Moreno, the typical prieto who can only be vandal, thief and murderer ”(Huerta, 2019) When he hears this interview, it is more than clear that in our country ignorance, inequality, the struggle of power and power continues to prevailThis reminds me, the day being at the University we had to deliver an interview with an important businessman from our state, I had a good vocabulary, diction, presence, but I am brown and then most of my team chose Juan, who, whoIt was clear of color and would look good by directing the interview. We live changing times in which we must raise our voice, defend our rights and not allow a word that can make us feel less, that we are worth what we are, that we have principles and values that our parents took as duties, thatThey have lost over time and we must recover them.

Wait! Study On Identity, Tolerance And Exclusion paper is just an example!

That the best education is one that educates with values and principles that are never forgotten.

Given the aforementioned, it is important that as teachers and parents we continue to eradicate inequality between men and women, not allowing differences in relation to sex, that not because it is a woman you have to lower your head and endure what machismo bringsTo his home, we have to be clear that we have the same rights, that no one is more than another, it is necessaryA political position, or an administrative position, it seems that in our time all this is already possible, but although we cannot believe it, there are areas of our country where women can only take care of children, make food and clean the house and clean the house and clean the house and cleanYou have no right to more. In the report the global gender gap report 2008, there was a significant increase in the percentage of migrant women, who currently occupy 44.4% of this vulnerable group and men, 55.6% remaining. Given these percentages that were lived in that year, in the middle of 2020 we see how the number of men and women who continue to migrate to other countries, children who, because they are female are abandoned, are increasing. It is necessary that governments work for their people do not pass their pockets, since migrating to other countries is due to extreme poverty, inequality and racism that many governments continue to allow, not having the same opportunity to work, studyand develop professionally.

Another issue of the utmost importance that I want to play in this essay is Homophobia and Human Rights. Homophobia has brought repressive, intolerant, discriminatory or frankly negative actions. It resembles machismo, that sexist prejudice, which ideologically conditions the appearance of problems, from inequality to violence against women;Homophobic practices have increased considerably in our society and range from ridiculization to homicidal violence. It is necessary that the sexuality of each of the people is respected, because everyone is entitled, to a dignified life, to a job, to a profession, regardless of their sexual preferences, it is enough to allow the same society to type the stylist, to the pastry maker, to the dance teacher. We have to instill our children respect for other people, who only seek to have a space in society, struggling to survive and be happy.

My proposal to the aforementioned is, to ensure that in educational centers children, adolescents and young people who have a different sexual preference are respected, looking through informative meetings that parents are the first agents of change and acceptance of their children. Likewise, there is no difference between men and women, since we live in the 21st century where women have proven to have the ability to govern and direct a town, as well as have administrative positions and at the same time be good mothers. By achieving these changes in our society we can have children, youth and happy adults in the classroom, being accepted in their families, in society, but above all being happy with their decisions, feeling that freedom to express themselves without being judged or criticized. It is enough to allow teenagers who feel self-conscious in the classroom, because they feel different from their classmates and are afraid to be criticized, perhaps because a girl is named another girl or a boy with another boy, causing serious injuries in her self – esteemfor the fear of being violated and humiliated. 

It is necessary that as a society we learn to be tolerant, passive and above all respect others in their decisions, it is time to stop racism that not only goes in the color of the skin, but often in the customs we have, and thisIt occurs mainly with people who come from rural areas, and are often abused or mistreated. Mexico and we all need a culture of peace, where we are all equal.