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Studying abroad is not necessary for a good education

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Studying abroad is not necessary for a good education
Allan Bloom suggested that education is the process by which individual’s transition from darkness to light. In this context, education is supposed to shade light to one’s paths of life. Darkness stands for the situation where one is not informed, and the mind is clouded with ignorance of basic life concepts. Educate replaces an empty mind with a mind that is open as suggested by Malcolm Forbes. Studying abroad requires students to pursue their academics from a foreign country, hoping to get better quality and maybe cost as compared to the native country. Studying abroad is not a guarantee of a quality education due to some factors like the cost, the different culture, language barrier, and overrated expectations would turn the academic pursuit yield not so good results.
Studying abroad most of the times require a good financial contribution, in the situation where the venture has a poor financial planning, expected education is not achieved. Cases of incomplete study are common in the situation where students fail to pay their tuition fees and are unenrolled from the program. Once they are back to their native countries, chances for returning to continue with their education are low and hence making the study abroad experience not good. A good education should have the aspect of affordability, to accommodate both local and international students. Students may be academically frustrated and so is their dreams and this makes the abroad study program not necessarily for good education.

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Culture may frustrate scholars and disorient them in their academic endeavors in abroad.
Different nations have different people who practice different cultures and eating habits. International students find it challenging to cope with the new changes, and this destruct their study in abroad. Once the learning process is disrupted, the student attains poor grades which results to a poor grasp of skills and knowledge required for the relevant profession. Some cultures like in the Muslim world does not allow physical greeting between male and female. In such instance, a student from abroad without knowledge on that culture may feel discriminated, and this may inflict their self- esteem and self- worth. From statistic students with low self – esteem perform poorly in academic responsibilities. Studying abroad becomes hard, and this makes it not a good experience. Language barrier makes the learning process in abroad difficult and at times impossible, for international students.
Language is the mode of communication, and it creates a bond among learners and the tutors. International students apply to foreign programs, whose language they understand. Some foreign programs require international students to cover a course of the foreign language to be able to grasp concepts of the specific foreign programs. For instance international students, who move to China for studies, are required to understand and be able to write in Chinese. Those students, who cannot understand and write, are required to cover a year learning the Chinese language before they get to start the actual course of study. Young minds for scholars learns at a considerably faster pace but learning a new language from scratch is tiresome and cumbersome. Most of the time the lessons taught for the new foreign language is basics to making the learning of the course simpler. The social aspect where one is expected to interact with fellow students in the foreign country is ignored. The impediment in social interaction makes the learning process even worse. The students may even get the course tough and may end up being underqualified in working after graduation since some concepts might not have been understood. The whole experience makes the learning abroad not a good education, and one may be advised to pursue their education in their native country.
Studying abroad bringing a joyful mood especially for those in love with adventuring, the open minded who are ready for new experiences embrace the study abroad programs and chooses to make it a success. Foreign programs are in most cases acknowledged to be of high quality, and this makes it easier for one to secure a job in their native states. The studying abroad gives a chance for one to understand and learn new cultures and remove the thought of stereotyping other races. For instance people from the west have always believed that people from the third world are mentally incapacitated to perform duties similar to theirs. The stereotype has been cleared by the exchange programs that various universities and colleges are having to the world. The exchange programs give chances to international students to study under the same environment and facilitation to understand the difference between international students and the process of learning.
Studying in abroad is not a guarantee of a good education and the factors that lowers the probability includes the affordability where the funding source for the program may be cut or in due time become inadequate. The foreign culture may make the study abroad program a discomfort and hence not a good education. The language barrier may even bring to a standstill the learning process. All those factors determine and affect the study in the abroad program. Despite all that the study in abroad requires an open mind to be able to enjoy and add value to oneself for the program.

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