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Support letter for Morocco, Mekness

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Support Letter for Morocco, Mekness
Northern Michigan University

Support Letter for Morocco, Mekness
Currently, I am completing my final year undergraduate degree at Northern Michigan University. I am pursuing my major in International Studies and minoring in sustainability. Towards completion of the undergraduate degree, it is a university requirement to pursue a further study abroad to affirm my proficiency and acquire the full degree. Particularly, it is imperative to learn outside the country and gain knowledge and experience in diverse aspects. Studying outside the country offers me the necessary exposure to interact and learn in multicultural environments. Furthermore, it enhances a broad understanding of international concerns when interacting with other students from other countries.
I have chosen to study in Africa because my major in International Relations demands so. I have always desired to study at Morocco Meknes. I would highly appreciate an opportunity to study my degree in International Relations in a very rich and culturally diverse city. I, however, have a key challenge of failing to fulfill the minimum requirement of GPA for the study of the degree. While the minimum GPA requirement is set at 2.5, I only have 2.05 score in my present GPA. That may bar me from securing a chance to complete my degree abroad at Morocco Mekness. Studying abroad is significant to my study as it allows me to acquire the degree and graduate successfully.
The purpose of this letter is to secure a chance in studying abroad.

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I am focused to boost my GPA. I wish to express my passion to improve on my studies while learning at Morocco Mekness. I at this moment express my acknowledgement of the desire and wish to study at Morocco Mekness. Am humbled to seek the opportunity to pursue further studies in Africa because I have long maintained the vision to do it. It is by the University regulations to pursue a further study abroad to affirm satisfactory proficiency that would promote studies and eventual acquisition of the degree. I am aware of the great necessity to convince the university authorities that I have maintained focus while undertaking a Bachelor in International Studies and minoring in Sustainability. I understand that the minimum GPA required for the program is 2.5. I have to express that I have attained a GPA of 2.05 because of diverse reasons. I want to assure you that the GPA grade does not conform to my intellectual prowess. I am determined and certain that I am far better, and I can achieve a higher target. The reason of attaining the lower GPA of 2.05 was due to several challenges and inconveniences. I am focused to remedy all the limitations and barriers to ensure that I attain a higher GPA.
Importantly, the main reason I attained a lower GPA is because of multitasking. I had various tasks that I was undertaking. First, I became a student policy maker at Chicago Public School. I also worked in an internship position and later became a Petroleum Supply Specialist. Besides, I faced financial obstacles. I did not have enough finance to cater for my academics effectively, and this deterred my success. Further, I encountered family obstacles. These obstacles interfered with me psychologically. I want to assure you with utmost honor that I am capable of delivering quality results beyond the minimum 2.5.
In my preparation for studying in your institution, I have restructured and refocused myself to ensure that my GPA escalates to the required level. My target is to have a GPA of 2.6 and above. I will undertake several positive activities that are directed to academic achievement. I have increased my reading scope. Library will be part of me. After the classes, I will visit the library to do secondary research and acquaint myself with diverse subjects. I have created a proper timetable that stipulates adequate time for studies and some time for exercise. It will be my responsibility to abide by or comply with the timetable effectively. Besides, in the sections that I do not understand well, I will openly consult my classmates for guidance and assistance. Importantly, I will be very close to my tutors. I will maintain open communication with my professors. At times that I am free, I will visit the relevant tutors to widen my scope of the course. I will do several assignments and take to my tutors for crosschecking and marking. Besides, I will create time for studies. With these efforts, I am certain to attain GPA of 2.6.
Finally, I am determined and focused to study abroad due to the need to secure my degree and graduate. I will revise my studies and maintain a good performance. I am going to use study sessions and consult my professors. With these efforts in place, am looking forward to your consideration in accepting me because this opportunity is highly significant to my final degree. I highly need the opportunity and waiting for a positive confirmation. I am humbled and respectful of the outcome.
Yours Sincerely,



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