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Texas A & M University undergraduate admission essay on below two topic

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Topic 1: –A setting where I collaborated or interacted with people whose experiences and beliefs differ from mine. My initial feelings, and how those feelings were or were not changed by this experience
My father got a job offer to Saudi Arabia, and we moved from India. With a lot of excitement visiting a different country, I was granted the opportunity to join the Saudi Aramco American school. I started my education in 5th grade as I interacted with purely different cultures and people speaking the different language.
My favorite games include badminton, chess, and basketball. At school, I have joined Math Club, Robotic Club, Engineering Club, IT club, all these clubs requires a lot of intellectual inputs and dedication of one’s time. At these clubs, footballers never joined them, they were fascinated only with the school team for the football. Their absence connoted they their intellectual capacity was fixed only to perform on the football field alone. The school had stereotyped them as the jokers club. But the most amazing thing was that they were at the top of their league. They were the best schools club regarding performance as revealed by the many champion cups they had won for the school.
The success that the football club members celebrated, aroused my curiosity to try and find out while people with such a talent would not join the intellectual clubs like the engineering club and the robotic cubs. One evening I visited them while in their camp preparing for an upcoming tournament.

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When I reached the couch approached me and since I was among the student leaders from the robotics club, he recognized me and welcomed me but in a joking manner he stated I hope you are not here to recruit my boys into your club.
The club members welcomed me too, that day I did not speak, but I was just spectating on their training. On the fifth day, I was asked to join them but I was reluctant. After one week I was already with them on the field and I enjoyed the form of brotherhood they exhibited. I noticed they had a very strong commitment to their sport and would not get destructed by joining other clubs. From the experience I noticed they were more disciplined and dedicated to their club activities than the rest of the clubs. I went back to the clubs I was a member and tried to share the information to re-establish the commitment of the clubs member to the club and its activities. To this level, I fully understood the reason them not joining other clubs.
Topic 2- Considering your lifetime goals, discuss how your current and future academic and extra-curricular activities might help you achieve your goals
Since the start of middle school, my interest in more practical than theoretical subjects has been growing. I have found my interest in physic, chemistry, and mathematics, in which I have exemplified good grades. When I was a child I was asked just like any other child what I would be, other would say, lawyers, doctors, but I never strained to say I wanted to be an engineer when I grow up. I was interested in the mechanics of how my toy cars functioned, and my grandfather kept encouraging me to keep up with the spirit. He would often remark, “you will be the engineer of the family.”
On my 6th grade, I got the chance to test my abilities by facilitating the launch of a rocket, made of 1 gallon Pepsi bottle, later I was asked to write a report on the same to explain how the rocket would function as it was used to travel to mass. After that symposium, my project received the biggest award due to its high technology application. Through the event, my self-esteem and confidence in dreams and abilities were enhanced. I was a leader and an active member of the middle school and high-school robotics club, I would spend most of my time in the laboratory trying to establish the challenges we experienced in our practical and trying to unveil new mechanism of how things like machines should work.
My academic preparation to become an expert mechanical engineer, include being a robotics clubs member, and also I have chosen Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Computer science and engineering electives as my core courses. My school attends the annual competition for the design team for FTC, whose competitions I have participated and given a certificate of participation.
My undergraduate study will allow me a chance to explore on various theories and gain experiences of mechanical that will be the foundation of my master’s degree in the design of Mechanical Systems, For instance, Industrial Robotics & Applications, Industrial Automation, Controls and Computer Engineering.
My co-curriculum activities include Badminton, Basketball, and chess. These games allow me to keep physical and mental fitness for a healthy body. Of the three games, chess is my favorite since it allow me to apply my brain to solving the puzzle of how to make next move in the game. It promoted creativity and created the attitude of problem-solving in emergency situations. One of my lifetime ambition is to become an entrepreneur: To produce eco-friendly and economical mechanical products and systems.
I have chosen to apply to MST for “BS Mechanical Engineering” program, for I am sure the environment in this institution will nurture and allow me to exploit all my potentials and rediscover all my abilities. Once I have been selected for the course, I will continue to maintain high scores in my grade just like my current performance. I am will and ready to join the program to promote my career, as I hope to get an Undergraduate slot for education in the fall of 2016.

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