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The Breakfast Club Movie

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The Breakfast Club
This is a random play that revolves around five high school students who have been forced to spend their Saturday together in detention. Each of the five teens is kept in detention for different reasons. The writer has separated the characters into five different categories: the criminal, the brainiac, the misfit, the spoiled princess and the jock. These characters are to put aside their differences so as to survive the gruelling eight hours detention with a psychotic and a rash principal, Mr. Vernon. However, they are expected to write a thousand words about their personality while they were still in detention. During the entire day time, their actions portray their innermost struggle about their home lives and their cliques. As the movie advances further, the audience can identify the real reasons why the teens were put in the detention camp that culminates in a climatic discussion of their personalities, which ironically gives an answer to the essay that none of the tees could have written. As the play ends, Brian is manipulated into writing a group essay that he points out the defining nickname of each o the students. Although each student represented a different clique, they combine to form The Breakfast Club.
John Bender is seen as an adolescent who possesses a leader with an aggressive attitude. This reflects on his personal attitude and the poor relationship that he has with the principal, Mr. Vernon, who has been described to be possessing an intimidating behaviour just as John’s father.

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The poor relationship between the two characters causes antagonism between them. John has long hair that is untamed and wears shaggy clothes as a sign of coming from a poor background despite coming from a working class background. At the detention camp, John is portrayed as a rebel within the group of students. From the analysis, he is detained as a result of pulling a false alarm. Although he is hostile towards other characters, he later portrays some form of realism when he defend Allison against the principal, Mr. Vernon, by saying the “she doesn’t talk”. Although he is seen to dislike other teens at the detention camp, he becomes very upset when Andy does not believe the way he imitates the life back at his home. Andy states that “That’s bullshit. It’s all part of your image. I don’t believe a word of it.” However, after playing as a harsh character in the play for a long time, he later shows his softer side, which drives him to fall for Claire whom he had been teasing in the entire movie (romantics). He has an ENTP Myers-Briggs since he seems to be clever and analytical, often portrays quick wits and a quicker tongue. With some good analytical traits, he is very good at thinking outside the box, but easily bored.
Andrew Clarke is portrayed as a questioner when he does not believe the way Bender imitates the life back at his home. He states that “That’s bullshit. He has a sporty character within the group of teens at the detention camp since he becomes a wrestler as per his father’s advice him to be and not a loser as his father did not tolerate losers within his family. However, he has a tumultuous relationship with his father since he is being pushed to be a winner rather than be what he wants to be. All this is evident when he started speaking out due to the influence of smoking marijuana. He points out that he has been pressured to pursue wrestling while he does not even like it. He is seen to be violent since he is being detained for beating up a fellow student and tapping Larry’s butt together, which terms as a cool behaviour according to his father. In addition he is ashamed of being at the detention camp since he is used to the better end of his social life at school. As the movie ends, Andrew admits that he has not been allowed to make decisions for himself. He later engages in a romantic a relationship with Allison. He is an ESFP. Hence, he lives in the moment and learn wrestling by doing it as per his father’s advice. He is also a team player of the highest degree, but only if they aren’t bored. They also enjoy their creature comforts.
Allison Reynolds is seen as an Adventurer and optimistic since she volunteers to go to detention so as to seek excitement and avoid suffering. She later finds that she can no longer hide from her anxieties; hence she considers being friends with other students and goes to the extent of allowing Claire to dress her up. At the initial stages o the movie, she is a quiet girl who only spoke in the sudden outbursts. She points out how she is unsatisfied with her family life since her parents were always ignoring her, thus making her constantly lonely and bored. She is also a drug user, she smokes weed and eventually opens up about the contents of her bag so as to gain attention from the other detainees, which she eventually gets. She portrays some form of assertive behaviour whereby she is tired of being lonely and bored and therefore moves to the detention camp where she finds some friends. This change transforms her into a normal person, which she eventually enters into a relationship with Andrew, showing her romantics characteristics.
Claire Standish is the wealthiest and the most popular teen among the group. Claire’s character leads her into detention since she decides to skip classes so as to go to the mall. Claire is used to being sheltered by her friends and she has doting parents who pamper her so much like a “princess” to spite one another. Clair portrays some of cynicism as she is stuck up and snobby and clearly points out his character of only hanging out with popular people. Later in the movie, she admits of having been pressured by her friends (“I hate going along with everything my friends say”). She is seen to be a helper when she helps her detainee friend, Allison, to fix her image and respond to the feelings Andrew has for her. Claire portrays some forms of romantics as she later falls for John Bender, whom she hated before, due to Benders rebellious behaviour. Her choice of friends makes her possess INFJ Myers-Briggs since she prefers one-on-one friendships to crowds, and often quiet about their feelings.
Brian Johnson is a Perfectionist. He is put in detention due to carrying a flair gun to school with a suicidal intention. He wants to commit suicide because she got an “F” in a shop class project that was conducted at school. He comes from an upper-middle-class family, which always pressure him to be a perfect academic student and get accepted into one of the prestigious universities in the country. He is seen to be distressed and depressed due to the pressure that emerges from her daily activities and her parents. He is seen as a peacemaker within the group of detained students. He sees himself as a friend to the group members, which Bender denies. He possesses an INTP Myers-Briggs, he composes a letter about the characters of every detained teen and gives the group the name “The Breakfast Club.” As an INTPs he can describe complex ideas simply.
This movie shows how the character behaviour of a person can be related to the psychological concepts. The movie portrays how when psychological concepts vary shows a different between people and the environments that each person is in determines their actions. After watching the movie, one can debate on the aspects of nature and nurture among different people.

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