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The Case for Birthright Citizenship – End birthright Citizenship now

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The case for Birthright Citizenship
After the adoption of the fourteenth amendment to the constitution of the US in the year 1868, citizenship of all the children that were born in the region was controlled by a clause. The clause stated that all the persons who were naturalized or born in the US and who were around the region were officially citizens of the US. They were to automatically become citizens of the states in which they resided. Such information has currently come under criticism, and members and other stakeholders feel that this is a way of giving them birthright citizenship.
Those that were excluded from the group of birthright citizenship were all those children that were born of Native Americans and diplomats. The area of dispute currently in the 14 amendment is the issue of different foreigners who travel to the US for purposes of giving birth. Such members contend that since the children have been born in the US soil they are eligible to become American citizens. Other children in dispute are those that belong to different immigrants that have moved to the US in search of work and other amenities.
Such problems have led to various debates and groaning among the Republicans who feel that the 14 amendment should be reinterpreted for purposes of ending birthright citizenship among those who give birth while in the US. This they argue will stop those who give birth while in the US and officially confer them with the US citizenship.

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In the year 2010, similar arguments arose where the comprehensive immigration reform was discussed among the citizens and Congress in general. However, limited solutions later emerged with mixed reactions from the different section of the government.
Those in the repeal have their argument that the 14the amendments were specifically meant for slaves that were freed after the civil war. This provision was not meant to be extended to the children of such immigrants. However, it is vital to note that during this time the category and allocations made to aliens and immigrants were not available. During this period, people who walked cross to the US were able to get permanent residence or be naturalized without problems. There is, therefore, the need for Congress to allow current immigrants the opportunity to stay with their children but make future changes to the amendments.
The only problem that arose and brought the idea down the ground was after the entry of the Chinese, who were seen as different type of aliens. The Chinese resented those they worked together with after being recruited to different positions in the country. The need to ensure peace and stability led to the introduction of the Chinese Exclusion Act in the year 1882, and this led to more strict regulations and federal laws on immigration issues. The Chinese immigrants were denied access after going back to their native lands and were also not allowed to become American citizens.
The history of the US people has however been an inclusive one, which takes care of all those who go to the country as immigrants. This included all the freed slaves, Indians and native-born whites. Access to become an American citizen was open to all the people and thus brought about the problems of assimilation as it became hard to know an exact American. The issues at hand can only be solved if restrictions are made to the people who travel to the US and only those who have one US citizen parents should be granted citizenship after a period of time.
In conclusion, all the people in the US have a mandate of ensuring healthy history heritage and involving all members as one. This is because as much as such members are immigrants they often contribute immensely to the economic improvement of the region. They, therefore, should be given citizenship and not be referred to as ‘anchor babies’ as they are humans who need love and support.

End Birthright Citizenship Now
The US president was able to make changes to the immigration laws, and this pertained to parents of children born in the US. Such children are those that belong to foreign students, tourists, and illegal aliens. Through the information, they have argued that babies born in the US should also not give their parents the relative rights to stay and work in the region. Initially, all the parents of US-born children were deported a fact that has been changed by the US president. The resolution by the president will evoke different positive and negative reactions from the public and those in the president’s circle.
The information was relayed to the public by the director of immigration and customs, who confirmed that aliens who had children in the US were not deported since the year 2011. Such groups of people were later granted work permits and social security numbers, a move that is seen as going to be permanent in future. The restraint from different concerned parties is seen as changing the immigration law into a suggestion. It gives the US president limited position to amend and make judgments that concern immigration and legalization issues. At the moment, the issue of automatic citizenship only covers those children who have one US citizen.
The issues at hand are not appropriate because of the several recommendations that are required to make the process valid and up to standard. Issues of native-born foreigners cannot be simplified if the foreigners are allowed to settle in the region. This is a challenge that is currently faced by different countries including Persian Gulf states and Germany.
Solving political issues, when foreigners and immigrants are involved, is often hard. This is because of their overall need to feel that they should also be part and parcel of every development that takes place in the region. It is, therefore, critical for all the stakeholders to make recommendations that can save the face of the people of US as they desire to live peacefully with their neighbors.
The past desire to assimilate all people to become one and work towards a common goal has led to the influx of different people to the US. The new members have been accommodated and provided work while others proceed to complete their education. Such provisions have however not solved their purposes but have become a dissolution tool.
It is, however, important to note that the information in question has its background in the 14th Amendment that gave all those born in the US the automatic right to become citizens. Denying them this opportunity will also be seen as a way of discriminating them against their color and place. The problem with the act that guaranteed immigrants this opportunity failed to indicate the extent to which members should be treated because at the time there were no illegal immigrants in the region. It is, therefore, important for the amendment to be changed and aligned together with the feelings and desires of the American people.
In conclusion, the idea of automatic citizenship should be abolished, and children are given a grace period before they are allowed into the system. Such members should only be given social security numbers and legitimacy after a period. Such a move will ensure prudence and overall following of the law and the constitution without problems.

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