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The difference between basketball and football

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The Difference Between Football And Basketball
Sports have been played all over the world for thousands of years. There are many different kinds of sports, some of them are popular, and some of them are not. For example, Football and Basketball are two of the famous games in U.S. American citizens have continued to watch either football or basketball, and they care a lot about them., and you cannot expect what crazy things they can do for their teams, for instance, painting their body and making a huge flag. According to Harris Interactive Poll, “Football is the most popular sport in the United States, with Basketball checking in at third” (Poll), and both of them depends on sports ethics. The main points for these two games are to challenge others teams and try to win. There are many similarities and differences between the two sports. Similarities include `——, while differences include —–

Football is an outdoor game; they play it in a huge field, and cannot play it in any weather, for example, storms and snow. So, a lot of games may be canceled, because of the weather, while Basketball is an indoor game, they play it in courts .so, one can play it in any weather because people are controlling the weather. The temperatures in football should be above -40° except in green bay where the game is allowed to be played at the temperature of -60° and below 140°. On the other hand, basketball is normally played indoors, in a climate that in a controlled condition of around the temperature of 68° except one day when it was played at 59° in Lexington (Andrew 2).

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Football has a huge Field that can contain 107,601 fans. On the other hand Basketball, courts can contain 55,000 fans.
The body of the player in Football uses it to drop down other players and to protect the ball from the other team. Otherwise Basketball they use it to protect the ball from other players, dribble the ball and shooting. The player in Basketball and Football needs to run with the ball as fastest as he could. Also eyes should be scanning all players in the game, so that can see other players from along distance, to pass the ball to another player, so, both of the two games need team work. Football has many violence in it that a lot of players get injured every match. However, Basketball has a touch between players but this touch will give a foul that is why there are not many injures in Basketball compare it with Football. Football players wear helmets to protect their head while Basketball does not wear anything.
Football and Basketball players’ salary is a lot. Patrick Peterson is a professional Football player, he is 25 years old, and his base salary is $11,619,114, on addition, he is one of most paid in professional Football. On the other hand Kobe Bryant is a professional Basketball player, he is 37 years old and get $25,000,000, He is the top salary player in a professional Basketball.John Calipari is a Basketball professional coach, and his total pay is $6,356,756. Alternatively Nick Saban is a professional Football coach, and his total pay is $7,087,481.
Football is a very physical sport. Females are not allowed to play because some may fear they are not rough enough. Also there are some females stronger than males. For athletes, it is a must to be in shape, the gym and exercise become second nature. The players are very encouraged with adrenaline flowing that when they run out on the playing field, they are disoriented by the fans, the sound, and each other; they have to be directed back to reality before the game starts by coaches. Their costumes are normally consists of two colors, include helmets, numbered jersey, jockeys, and cleats. On the other hand, Basketball is not a physical sport, and pointless contact will get you ejected from the game. Females are allowed to contribute in this sport, females against females only. Athletic skill is required to endure training as well as your opposing opponents (Baker et al 13). The player’s costumes consist of sleeveless shirts, knee-high shorts, and high top basketball shoes.
Another difference in these games is what is done while the players are at the field in the basketball the carrier is normally required to drop the ball against the ground repeatedly, and this action is what is called dribbling. While in football the action that is done by the players is normally called fumbling.
While the players are playing football, the objective of the players is capturing their enemies in ten-yard parcels, and ultimately driving the ball into the opposite end zone. The players in the basketball throw their ball into a basket with the aim of scoring more than their opponents. The farther away from the basket a player stands, the more he scores.
In the game of basketball, any physical contact with opposite carrier normally becomes a foul, mostly when a player knocks down another on his backside. On the other hand, in football this action is normally called a tackle, and it is normally expected and required to end the play (Kentucky 3). On addition, the football game is considered to be a game of downs while that of basketball is normally considered to be a game of ups since the ball is taken up to the basket.
In a football game, the most common issue that makes the players not to complete the game and leave midway is an injury. While on the other hand, what makes the players leave the game midway is the occurrence of the fouls. In addition, in the basketball game the maximum number of points that the offence can score on one drive is 3 points while on the other hand the 3 is the least points that the offence can score.
The two games have different origins; football started as a men’s collegiate sport that was too violent that in the year 1901. The Congress had a plan of actually banning football to prevent the players from the injuries that it brought. On the other hand, basketball originated from a women’s gymnastics exercise.
Another difference between basketball and football is the shape of the ball that is normally used in the game. Although both games are played using leather or a composite leather balls the structure of the balls of these two games is completely different. Basketball is played using a round ball that normally gives a true good bounce every time it is dribbled. The modern basketball has 94Fifty sensors that are placed in ball’s exterior with an aim of transmitting in 100 milliseconds, and it is normally connected to an Android device. On the other hand, the ball that is used in playing football has an oblong shape, and it normally takes weird bounces when it hits the ground. Normally the football’s shape is specifically designed with an aim of enabling it to fly better when it is kicked in the air, and it is made in such a way that it is easy to catch (Nasir 284). The other difference on how the two balls are made is that basketballs are normally larger and heavier when they are compared to the football.
Another difference between football and basketball is the size and the type of the playing surface. Normally the basketball courts are shorter and narrower when compared to the football fields. National Basketball Association has set the size and the type of the playing surface basketball court measures 94 feet by 50 feet. On the other hand, FIFA has set the size and the type of the ground that can be used in football. Normally a professional football field should be 120 yards by 53.3 yards or exactly 360 feet by 160 feet (Onkst 4). The other difference between the fields that are used by the two games is that a normal basketball field is usually made of wood while a football field is covered by either natural or synthetic grass.
The other difference between the two games is the number of players that are involved in the two games. Although the two games are normally considered to be team sports because there are several people who play the game at once. Normally in basketball, the team is normally allowed to play with five players on the court at one time. On the other hand, a football team is normally allowed to play with 11 players at a time (Onkst 4). Basketball teams normally have between 12 and around 15 players on the roster, while on the other hand a football team roster normally ranges from around 50 in the professional play to 85 in the college games.
Another difference between the two games is the length that the two games are normally played. A football match is normally played for a significantly longer period as compared to the basketball. At the professional college level football is normally played for 60 minutes, while in high school normally football is played in 48 minutes. On the other hand, basketball match is played for 48 minutes at the pro level, at the college level the game is played for 40 minutes and in the high school level basketball is normally played in 32 minutes (Onkst 4). It is important to note that both games have stoppages that make the game play time to longer.
There are several differences between football and basketball games. Some of the differences include the balls that are used in the game, the number of players that each team is supposed to have, the field that is normally used in playing the game and the duration of the games. Despite the fact that there are some similarities between the two games the differences are many.
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