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The Importance of Organizational Culture in Human Services

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Human Service Administration
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Leadership is an important variant of an organization that affects the success and performance of an organization. Much research has been done on leadership, but a little has been done to analyze how leadership affects models and variants such as climate within an organization and organizational culture. In this research, I will provide a detailed relationship between the two regarding the way in which organizational culture aids in human service (Rabin, 2013). We will use the national institute of mental health research to determine how organizational structure aids in the delivery of human services. It’s a mental health research institutes recognized for its steadfast innovations in the field. We will analyze how the organizational structure of this institute helps in human services (SPAEF, 2015).
NHIM is a mental based organization in the United States and is internationally recognized. The company is the lead agency for the purpose of research on the mental disorder. The company is part of the United States department of health and human services (HHM). The management of this of this organization is known to spearhead the operation of these institution day-to-day processes (Nolan, 2011). The organization’s website is composed of detailed information of the management and order of leadership with relevant skills of the managers well stated. The stakeholders of the organization are well stated in the website under “about us” clearly depicting a well-organized and successful organization.

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One of the projects in the company’s website is the evidence-based procedures (EBP) as a means of treatment (SPAEF, 2015). This mainly depends on the organizational context of an organization and the individual differences among the service providers.
On a keen look into the site, the organizational structure of the company is highly evident and exposed. There is a keen interest in employee consideration and work climates in the organization that is evident in the employee program indicated in the website (Mayers, 2004). This is a well plotted organizational structure that ensures the employees achieve their best performance limits to get quality services. Also from the site, there is indicated research by various members of the organization that is a good organizational plot (Nolan, 2011). This ensures that no matter how low an employee is ranked, his/her works and research done re not taken in vain whatsoever. This public exposure and recognition of employees are a good organizational structure towards human services perfection. The organization also has a platform and a special department to relate the social networks feedback to the research the company undergoes through. This feature ensures that various feedbacks from the society and the members of the public are looked into for a well-based research (Rabin, 2013).
The company provides more than enough information to the public in their website, and this leads to less information provided by the press and journals that are not in the website. However, several contradicting research methods and processes are published and can be used to analyze the organizational structure of the organization. One is the evidence-based practices in the performance of research procedures. This is a procedural process that relates to climate and mental health provider attitudes and the organization culture in the providence of human services (Mayers, 2004). Organizational culture and the climate in a company are factors that are highly looked into when determining staff acceptance of the innovation. From this research on evidence-based programs, we can analyze the organizational culture of this company. The information given in the website is shallow the one given by human health services (Nolan, 2011). This is a clear indication that the research provided was shallow, or there was a hide up of information on the process. The press provides much information than the official research released by the company; this shows an organizational failure in the delivery of clear information about the research.
NIHM through press releases has brought out a contradictory statement and releases abandoning the diagnostic and statistical manuals on mental disorders since it’s a symptom-based institute that is infeasible when it comes to practitioners (Rabin, 2013). The organizational procedure and argument of the NHIM to shift funding to Research Domain Criteria (RDoC) depict a flaw in their strategies. Noting that this is a press release and not indicated in the company’s website, the harm the statement causes is paramount compared to when indicated through the company’s news tab in their website. This is a flaw in the company organizational structure and human service(Rabin, 2013). This beats the logic of the mission of the organization that is to transform and understand the treatment of illness based on mental status through clinical research and obtain a better and improved way to recover and prevent the diseases(Nolan, 2011).
In conclusion, we can depict the organization structure as an important feature in the running and bring up of a successful organization with outstanding human services. NHIM has an above average organizational structure that has built a paramount level of human services and a 4-star rating with the Human Health Services. The problems arising with the company can be evidently corrected in any case to bring more importance to the good organizational structures and human services.
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