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The Rise Of Women’S Football And Its Popularity

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The rise of women’s football and its popularity

Male football is the sport with more followers worldwide and, fortunately, in recent years women football is also winning in popularity. A boom that seems to increase year after year due to, among other things, to the good work of the media that are increasingly betting on equality in the world of sport.

While it is true that children have as referring to Leo Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, it is also a reality that from now on may sound more and more strongly the names of female soccer players among idols to imitate the youngest of the youngest. Because women’s football is not exempt from show or quality. Rather the complete opposite.Currently, Spain has some of the best women’s teams worldwide, such as Atlético de Madrid female or F.C.Barcelona. 

Both teams are considered the best of the first female division in Spain and are accustomed to living in the top of the classification. However, you should know that the United States and Canada practically concentrate half of the players registered in the world. In any case, other Spanish teams such as Athletic Club, Real Sociedad or Sevilla FC also have a first female team, while, for the moment, a great like Real Madrid does not have female representation in this sport. On the other hand, the Community of Madrid has two teams participating in the Iberdrola League, such as Rayo Vallecano and Madrid Women’s Soccer Club.Women’s football wins in popularity. A better structure is allowing women to win year after year in popularity in a spectacular way.

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The changes that have accompanied the evolution of the female have contributed more professionalism and stability to women’s football, where clubs are increasingly aware of the rise of this sport.As if that were not enough, in Spain the Women’s Soccer League has the sponsorship of a large company such as Iberdrola, so the creation and diversification of content is being encouraged. Even televisions have shown a real interest in the broadcast of many parties, whether of league or European competition, something that will increase in the coming years and that makes it much more attractive and known.Winning in popularity means taking another step for the benefit of sports equality and in an ideal showcase. And unlike other sports, women’s football did not have the right acceptance and support, so that evolution and boom are guaranteed.To make this change possible, the equation is really simple: pure mathematics. More television rights, more sponsorships and, ultimately, greater impact on players and investment in women’s football. 

All this has caused a real attraction power that has been reflected in figures.The figures of women’s football in Spain, it is true that until recentWomen’s global in the world of sports.In fact, this year it has been possible to reach a record number of worldwide attendees in which it is considered the best game that can be seen in the Women’s Soccer League. 

Atletico de Madrid female against the Barcelona Club Football, played at the Wanda Metropolitano, was witnessed by a total of 60.739 spectators.At the Spanish level, between 2013 and 2017 there has been a 37% increase in the number of sponsors. These figures indicate that something is changing and that it will most likely change much more in the coming years.

Finally, women’s football is improving at all levels at an amazing pace. A social interest that has great potential and that we hope will not stop until they lead women to represent the king sport in the best way: with goals and spectacle.

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