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The Western Experience

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The battle of Alamo

The battle of Alamo
In 1835, there was a general rebellion in the entire of Mexico, which sought to coup the autocratic power of President Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. American people who had stayed in the Mexican region of Texas combined forces in the rebellion and effectively forced the Mexican army across the Rio Grande River. The main of the reason of the Texan rebels soon changed from altering the autocratic rule of General Santa Anna in establishing a self-governing state of Texas.
In a reaction, General Santa Anna commanded his re-organized military back across the Rio Grande River to calm the rebels. He commanded his troops to implement directly any foreign fighters they faced. Santa Anna trooped his force to the Alamo, an uninhibited Spanish mission, situated in what is now called San Antonio. It had been acknowledged in 1724 in the conversion of the local inhabitants to Christianity. Here, defending power projected at between 180 and 260 anticipated their coming. Led by William B. Travis their number comprised two legendary figures in American past, James Bowie and Davy Crockett. The men present the Alamo were under no deception. They knew that their resistance could not thrive without the quick presence of supports (Crawford, 1999 ).
Santa Anna’s army arrived on February where they surrounded the Alamo, putting restriction to its defenders.

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The Mexican Military began to attack the former mission with the gunshot in an effort of systematically reducing its defending walls to the wreckage. The attack began to be serious during the early morning times of March 6 where Mexican militaries swarmed the walls of the stronghold. The Alamo defenders effectively revolted two attacks but were overcome by the third one. The battle was described by room-to-room attacks in which all but a few of the defenders were slayed. The fierceness of their defense was stressed with the fact that it came into existence by the death of a projected 600 Mexicans. This became a uniting cry that expanded the ranks of the Texian Military led by General Sam Houston. On April 21, the army attacked the Mexican defense force at the Fight of San Jacinto, where General Santa Anna was seized and was forced to lead his armies back across the Rio Grande. The freedom of Texas was again assured (David, 1976 ).
On the same day, before nightfall, Barret Travis, commanding officer of the rival, had presented to the general-in-chief, by a messenger, in surrendering his weapons and the stronghold with all the resources upon the one and only condition that the lives of his men and his own was to be spared. But the answer given back was that they were to surrender at will, minus any form of assurance, even of life, which traitors were not to deserve. It was now clearly obvious that after getting such an answer they were all ready to sell own lives as much as possible. Thus, they applied the utmost caution day and night so that they avoid surprise attack. On the morning of March 6, the Mexican army was positioned at 4 o’clock, A.M., in agreement with Santa Anna’s commands. The artillery, as stated in the same commands, was to stay inactive, as it got no order; and besides, the disposition and darkness made of the army which was going to attack the four fronts simultaneously, prohibited its shooting minus mowing down our own ranks. Thus, the opponent was not to get agonized from our weapons throughout the attack. Their own guns were in readiness. At the sound of the trumpet, they could no more doubt that a period has come for them to fight or to die. Had they still questioned, the impulsive yells for Santa Anna given by our supports of attack must have made them aware (Flores, 2002 ).
As soon as our armies were in sight, a spray of musket balls and grape was poured on them from the stronghold, the battalion of which at the sounding of the bugle had dashed to weapons and to their posts. The three armies that attacked east, north and west fronts, withdrew back, or rather, hesitated at the first liberation from the opponent, but the instance and the determinations of the officers soon made them go back to the attack. The battalions of the eastern and western attacks, coming in contact with some complications in attainment of the tops of the small houses which made the basis of the walls of the stronghold, did, by an instantaneous movement to the left and to the right, moving northward till the three armies made one dense mass, which under the direction of their generals, attempted in climbing the walls from that side (Ilan, 2005).
The Texas Rebellion, the battle of Alamo, had a long lasting consequence on Texas and San Antonio de Béxar. While the incident began with the specified call of overthrowing Santa Anna, which was to restore the Central Constitution of 1824, and gain a separate statehood for Texas from the Mexican Association, it rapidly changed into a call for total liberation from Mexico. Thus, even though Texas came in the uprising as a section within the region of Coahuila y Tejas, it eventually became the sovereign Republic of Texas. While Tejano leaders were to uphold primarily some degree of effect, Texas was ordained to become Americanized (Urbina, 2012).
An important portion of the war was to be fought in San Antonio de Béxar. A vital commerce center, Crossroads, political as well as military, the town became the first target of the agitators who took it in December 1835. The eviction of government armies by the agitators brought a Mexican stronghold under Santa Anna to San Antonio to rebuild the control. It was this second stage of the fight over San Antonio in which the Battle and Siege of the Alamo arose. Tejano leaders, a number of whom had sustained these early efforts in establishing a republic, were delighted when Mexican officers made the Federal Republic of Mexico in the year 1823. Mexico soon embraced the Mexican Constitution of 1824 that placed out the outline for a national as well as state administration. Nevertheless, due to its scarce population, Texas was selected a department in the state of Coahuila y Tejas, a change that frustrated Tejanos. Merged with the incoming American colonizers, the residents of Texas were gradually vocal in their call for distinct statehood from the Mexican federation (Walte, 1976).
Not all Mexicans were happy with a formation of a Democrat form of regime. The move defied the traditional power and impact enjoyed by the National Military, the landowners, and the Catholic Church. The associates of the groups, which regularly overlapped, came up with a political group known as Centralists. Followers of the republic comprised the increasing profession classes and were identified by the names Federalists and Republicans. This political-societal fight was to be central to proceedings in Mexico for many years to come. The significances of this battle were to be the Texas Revolution, an occasion that arose within the ongoing civil war. The civil war had a create impact to the economy of the states involved. Attacking the main town where most of the activities was carried out meant that the normal operation was interfered with which reduced and affected the normal business and all the activities that were carried out of such a town (Flores, 2002).
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