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What I’ve learned from my writing skills class.

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What I’ve learned from my writing skills class
For a long time, I thought that writing is something that came naturally, and there were no guidelines on how to be a god writer. That was until I heard a writing skills class as part of my course. This course covered everything involved in writing, from grammar to how writers write. Going through the outline increased my interest in writing and through the course I discovered that with a few tips and guidelines writing skills can be improved. This paper shares my experience in the writing class. It also includes everything I have learned during the entire course.
The first part of this class dealt with the basics of writing like grammar, sentencing, paragraphs, letters as compositions, how to talk to a reader and essay writing. Grammar forms the core of writing. A good writer is expected to know how and when to use nouns and pronouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, and interjections. It is this knowledge that one uses to form sentences that are grammatically correct. I also learned that sentences have two parts –subject and the predicate– and how they complement each other to make a sentence.
The first part of this class is in perfect order with every topic building up to the other. Sentences have to be grammatically correct, and when combined, sentences form paragraphs that in turn create the essay or story. For a story to make sense, the writer’s thoughts have to be in order, and the ideas brought together in a way that flows.

Wait! What I’ve learned from my writing skills class. paper is just an example!

As a writer, I have to speak to the reader. Doing this allows the reader to relate to my story and increases your interest in the story. Questions that are directed to the reader or through characters in a story are one ways of speaking to the reader. This first part of the class gave me basic skills that every writer needs. With this, I could write stories and essays that flowed although they were shallow.
It is the second part of the class that built my writing. Here, we went deeper into writing especially creative writing, explaining how to write like experienced writers do. The introduction explained how ideas to generate creative ideas. I also learned the importance of vocabulary and how they intrigue the reader. However, I realized that using very many ‘complicated’ words might confuse the readers who may end up losing interest in your work. I decided to include the new words, and the vocabulary that I learned in my speech. Using the various phrases and vocabulary in my speech, I learned to use the There is a connection between speaking and writing because the words we use everyday are more likely to appear in the papers that we write.
Adding a personal touch and making the work sound more natural, I learned, makes it more fun to read. The reader feels the difference in your story and enjoys it more. We all know humor makes any paper or story more fun to read. It is, therefore, important to include humor and a conversational touch in your work to keep the readers interest. Many readers do not enjoy a monotonous sentence structure. It makes reading tedious. A variation in sentences is suitable for great writing. Using the active rather than passive voice adds a certain punch to your writing. In my opinion, this sounded more like common sense. The active voice is more precise and clear compared to the passive voice that is too plain. Other factors that add a punch to writing are ending with a bang and having an exclamation point.
I thought I had learned all I needed to be a good writer then came, ‘how writers write.’ I saw this topic and thought this must be the most important part. I was about to learn the secret of writers. To my surprise, it was nothing new. It turned out that writers follow the first draft to last draft procedure that involves editing and rewriting your work. Following the first to last draft system makes the final work more accurate and prevents a lot of mistakes. Editing and revising work is not the only thing that improves writing. Writers read too. Reading other people’s work helps a writer to grow. This topic further gives suggestions for personal and journal writing.
This class helped me realize that writing is not difficult.It is also clear that creative or academic writing, just like any other skill, requires practice. Good practice for a writer involves a lot of writing and reading. Reading the works of other people not only inspires a writer but also shares new information that could improve their ability. Most of us think that writing is for a few individuals that are‘chosen’, but my writing skills class proved to me that anyone with a story can share it through writing. All it takes is the right guidelines and regular practice. Take that from an upcoming writer.

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