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Why College Education is Importnat to me

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Why college education is important to me
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Aristotle suggested that the roots of education are bitter, but the fruits are sweet. From high school where the school manages a student’s life, those who graduate joins college to further their studies. College education improves a person socially, financially, physically and mentally (Brown, 2015). In college, one is expected to make independent and intelligent decisions. College increases one’s chances of employability and creativity to create jobs for other people (Ajazi, Bullock, Shafer, & Taylor, 2015). Along the college life journey, one realizes that academic excellence is enhanced by dreams, goals and inspirations that one has built.
Dreams are aspirations that an individual has to fulfill to reach their destiny. For ideas to grow into desired future, you should have motivations. My family is the greatest motivation to pursue my college education. I am encouraged that being more educated is an advantage for it raises one’s level of knowledge on various topics, and so is the experience. My family has educated members with great jobs, and this keeps me on my toes to ensure the trend is continued. With the motivation, I take the challenge to get good grades. The family does the external motivation but setting personal goals have always been my academic success driver.
Orison Swett, an inspirational writer in the late 1890s, suggested that great achievers have always aimed higher and at times greater that they find their goal unreachable.

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I have been inspired by this fact and decided to plan on my set goals. I have always worked as a technical employee in our facility, and I have always wanted to rise to better ranks with privileges (Brown, 2015). Recently through my hard work, I have been moved to a supervisor that made me realize that implementing an action plan, goals can be achieved. In future, I aim to be an executive officer of a big facility before I start my own. All the above can be attained by hard work and maintaining academic focus.
I have realized that one need to adjust their working mechanism to accommodate the task at hand to yield anticipated results. I have always dedicated my time to reading the course outlines and understanding the concepts rather than cramming and memorizing the content for exams (Brown, 2015). College education unlike the previous levels of education, it prepares an individual for more challenging with better payment opportunities. That fact have been steering me through college, which gives me confidence in my dreams and aspirations.
In conclusion, Dreams are the motivations that help us to reach our destiny, Family gives u enough support to pursue the goals. We succeed in achieving our goals through hard work and persevering through painful academic moments; like trying to grasp complex contents. A school is a tool that is used to eradicate ignorance in any person. Through education one attains the highest degree of self- actualization. In college unlike in high school, I have interacted with professors in my areas of specialization. The interaction with the best makes you the best in a given field. I have gained access to high-quality resources that explains concepts that strategies me for future work responsibilities. One person said if education is expensive try ignorance, funding college is expensive about high school fees. But college graduates gets better jobs than those who have graduated from high school and below.
Ajazi, E., Bullock, S., Shafer, D., & Taylor, J. (2015). Preparing Students for Life Success and Life Value Beyond School. Students’ Pathway to Success: A Faculty Guide, 219-229
Brown, S. (2015). THE IMPACT OF A COLLEGE EDUCATION ON A PROFESSIONAL GOLFER’S CAREER EARNINGS (Doctoral dissertation, The Colorado College).

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