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Why did I choose nursing?

Why did I choose nursing?
I have always been fascinated with healthcare practice right from my formative years. However, nothing aroused my deep-seated desire to become a nurse like the experience I had when a friend was hospitalized following a grisly automobile accident. I was amazed by the extent of individualized care and compassion offered by the hospital nurses that over time set my friend on a path of recovery, despite his fear. This amazing transformation from a state of despair was gradually replaced with a lifted spirit because of the care and smiles from the supportive nurses. The comfort and personal relationship developed between my friend and the nurses was a gratifying experience that convinced me to pursue a nursing career. I realized that to become the person I always aspired to be, I had to become a nurse and assist others in their times of need. Therefore, becoming a nurse for me is more than a career choice or an occupation, but a calling.
The career path of a nurse, however, entails more than just the emotional aspect of the patient-nurse relationship. I had to immerse myself and hone a repertoire of necessary skills to catapult my career goals. For instance, being attentive to detail on a patient’s condition enables me to synthesize consistently and interpret the assessment information accurately, such as diagnostic data. My effective communication skills help to disclose adverse health conditions to my patients and other health care professionals to mitigate harm and ethically seek other medical alternatives.

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Skills such as good decision-making aid in the applicability of diagnostic assessments focused on a patient and backed by empirical evidence and clinical findings.
The need for qualified primary care providers continues to increase as the demand for health care services augments due to a growing population. This reality demonstrates the importance of the nurses in the welfare of all citizens, and being a nurse is pride to be worn as a badge of honor. The opportunity to become a nurse offers me the skills, as well as a platform to develop, evaluate and provide initiatives informed by professional and scientific knowledge. The academic experience gained from nursing school will serve a strong foundation for my nursing practice because it will give me the freedom to choose whether to become a registered nurse, nurse practitioner or an enrolled nurse.
Presently, the scope of nursing practice has widened to include education, management, research and policy. In management, for example, the practitioners are required to understand the right of health consumers and care planning, to make good decisions. This concept implies that nursing practitioners discuss issues concerning health care with their patients, such as privacy and informed consent, among others. Education enhances professional development and medical interventions. Research has strived to keep up with issues in nursing and current trends, such as technological advancement of treatment. Research also supports the practice through application of knowledge based on evidence. Finally, the policy is a combination of research and nursing data to enhance its development process, implementation and evaluation.
As mentioned before, I feel called to nursing. This conviction is for the most part informed by my family background and personal life experiences. I am a responsible, dedicated, and dependable individual, and I believe in being there for those in need. Being kindhearted and empathetic is my way of bringing meaning to not only my life, but to the lives of others, as well. I am the type of person that will always listen to patients. I believe that the practice of nursing is much more than the mere provision of treatment; it is about being human, indulging patients and their families, and offering a listening ear.



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