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Wind energy

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Application of Wind Energy to Meet the World’s Current and Future Needs
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Wind power technology offers significant merits as compared to other sources of energy or electricity. The energy is extracted from the movement of air by the application of wind turbines. In most cases, the windmills are only used because of the mechanical power that they own. Therefore, this paper shall look into the approach of the large scale shift to the increased use of wind energy in meeting the world’s current and future energy needs. The paper shall carry out a consideration after viewing the evidence and arguments of the approach. A recommendation shall be given at the end of the argument on whether the approach is a major way of addressing this particular problem that is facing the world. In general, the wind is a kinetic form of energy since it is a form of energy that is always in motion.
Factors for Adopting the Approach
Arguments in support for the use of wind energy as an approach to meet the world’s current and future energy needs have been raised in many forums and debates. Wind energy has been labeled as a green source of energy. The wind energy does not pollute the surrounding environment as compared to the use of coal, fossil fuels, and the nuclear-powered plants (Venkata and Krishnamurthy). Therefore, this form of energy does not produce any emissions of gases that are environmentally bad during its transformation and installation process.

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Hence, if the world shifts to large scale to the use of wind energy as one of the approaches to meet its energy needs, it shall save the large proportion of the environment that is polluted by the other sources of energy. On the same note, wind energy assists in reaching reduction target the of carbon dioxide emission that were recommended by the scientific community. The recommendations were also politically endorsed by many world countries both the developed and the undeveloped. The increased use of wind energy has helped in addressing the world climatic changes through the offer of the best energy that is environmental friendly.
Wind energy is a renewable source of energy production in the world. The waves of wind are naturally occurring, and there is no way any person or force can deplete this particular natural resource of energy. This is because this form of energy originates from the fusion of nuclear processes that interface on the sun. Therefore, application of this approach will help the world make use of a renewable source of energy that shall last forever. This is because as long as the sun shines, the world will always receive the services of the wind energy (Blanch). This is unlike the other sources of energy like the fossil fuels that the world nations heavily rely on in today’s times.
The equipment that is used in the development of wind energy is space efficient. The turbines that are used to generate wind energy cannot be placed very close to one another through the space that is in between the can be used by the living around such a place to carry out other activities in between the spaces (Venkata and Krishnamurthy). Therefore, this is the major reason for the benefit of very many firms that do arise from the installation of wind turbines in contrary to the other installation of other sources of energy such as the solar panels. Therefore, increased shift to the to the use of wind power will enable many nations of the world to accommodate many activities in a single place hence making them meet their current and their future energy needs. On the same note, the largest wind turbines that are well installed can be in a position to generate adequate electric power so as to meet the world’s energy demands. This will help in improving the economic developments of the nations since it shall be running its activities throughout. On the same note, the industrial sectors of the countries that are applying the use of wind energy are well developed as compared to the other nations that over-shadow the application of wind energy (Blanch). This is because the industries shall be supplied with cheap and readily available energy so as to run their day to day business activities.
Wind power is a competitive source of energy since it is not affected by the prices of fossil fuels. Between the year two thousand and two and two thousand and eight, the global economic growth highly contributed to the prices of oil, gas and coal, with oil reaching one hundred and fifty US dollars per barrel. On the same note, the prices dropped in the year two thousand and nine during the global economic crisis. After the crisis was over, we have been witnessing a clear increase in prices of oil, coal and gas (Venkata and Krishnamurthy). The prices of fossil fuels have had a major effect on the cost of electricity that is produced by coal and power stations. Contrary to fossil fuels, wind energy competitiveness depends very little on the prices of the large turbines that are required for the production of the energy. The other raw materials are naturally found for example the wind that is required to run the turbines. Therefore, the total cost of wind-powered energy is represented by a very small percentage of its raw materials. On the same note, wind energy incurs very low operational costs. Citizens of a nation can also come up with a procedure of developing their electricity through the application of wind power (Venkata and Krishnamurthy). This is because the wind energy offers the same services like those offered to people with large solar panels. Consequently, a long-term assessment of the energy sector may reveal that wind power is an economical source of electricity since it offers stable and probable production costs.
Factors against Adopting the Approach
A large scale shift to the use of wind energy as an approach to finding solutions to the world problems has raised some arguments against its adoption of the approach. Practically, it well known that wind energy is unpredictable, and its availability is never constant. Therefore, this is not the best form of energy that can be used as a source of energy so as to meet the word’s present and future energy needs (Blanch). This particular setback arises since we never have cost-effective ways that can be applied to store the energy that has been produced by the wind waves. Similarly, the cost-competitiveness that is attached to wind power has highly been questionable. Therefore, this shows that wind energy firms are being given a fair chance so as to be in a position to contend with well-established energy firms like those companies that deal on coal, fossils and fuels.
Application of energy has posed a threat to the wildlife families. This includes birds and many more other flying creatures. These particular animals do have very small chances for them to survive if they move in a direction that is hit directly by a rotating wind turbine blade. Many birds have been killed due to the high force that is produced by the wind turbines (Blanch). Therefore, this shows that an increase in the application of wind power as an approach to meet the current and future energy needs may be impossible due to the arguments from those who were against the idea.
The turbines that are used to produce the wind form of energy do produce very high noise (Blanch). The people who live near the turbines do experience the noise problem in each and every day of their live time. This will affect the young ones in those areas since they shall develop hearing problems. Therefore, the wind turbines can be built in urban settings due to the dense population in most urban areas in the world (Blanch). Hence, this implies that the wind energy can only be more efficient to those living in the rural setting. Therefore, the large-scale shift in the use of wind energy cannot be efficient to meet the world’s current and future needs. This is because most industries that require energy power to run their operations are situated in an urban setting. Therefore, this cannot be a good approach for the world nations to improve their economic stability.
The above discussion has portrayed the arguments for the adoption of wind power as an approach to meet the world’s current and future energy needs. The discussion clearly shows that the arguments for the adoption of the wind power energy outweigh the arguments against the adoption of the decision. This is due to the merits of the use of wind energy show more advantages to the world than in the use of other forms of energy. Therefore, I advise for adopting the solution.
Blanch,. ‘Wind Energy Technologies For Use In The Built Environment’. Wind Engineering 26.3 (2002): 125-143. Web.Venkata, S.S., and S. Krishnamurthy. ‘Wind Energy Explained: Theory, Design, And Application [Book Review]’. IEEE Power and Energy Magazine 99.6 (2003): 50-51. Web.

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