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Yujia Wang personal statment

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Personal Statement Yujia Wang
RE: Application for Volunteer Professional Development (Events) Committee Member
My name is Yujia Wang, I’m a professional interior designer. In an effort to augment my skills and diversify my experiences, I have sought and worked in various roles and capacity in interior design here in Beijing where I gained valuable working and professional experience. However, before I started working, I did not lazy at home but involved myself in volunteering activities. Since I enjoy and gave a passion for volunteering work, I would like to apply for the advertised position of a Volunteer Professional Development (Events) Committee Member in your organization.
In 2012, I volunteered as an event planner at Cheng Du Panda where my key responsibilities included arranging private panda visiting events and preparing documents for panda adoption. As a result of this experience, I gained valuable skills in event management and working as a team player in a group of other volunteers. Prior to coming to Cheng Du Panda, I had also volunteered at Beijing Capital International Airport during the Summer Olympics in 2008. My role was to provide English assistance at the information desk for visitors, an experience that helped to sharpen and improve my communication and interpersonal skills.
As a result of my working experience volunteering initiatives, I have gained exemplary judgment and problem-solving skills. If given a chance to join your organization, I will bring my work ethic and volunteerism values on the board.

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Besides, I am flexible and will be able to fit in the work schedule as set out by the organization. I look forward to a positive response to my application for an interview to discuss my qualifications and suitability in your institution.
Yujia Wang

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