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Energy Potential And Obtaining Mareomotor Energy

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Energy potential and obtaining mareomotor energy


The purpose of this article is to know how the use of mareomotor energy works, what forms of generation exist, which are the most efficient depending on the geographical location, in addition to understanding the differences between one and the other. It is intended to find out what practices and projects are currently being executed in the world and in our country with respect to the generation of mareomotor energy, starting from the point that it is a form of use with little investigation but with great potential throughout the planet.


(narrate the bibliographic search process, review objectives, revision type, articles or documents selection criteria, as well as the diversity of documents, etc.)


Mareomotor energy can be considered a renewable energy source with great energy potential, because it can be used in the following ways: the kinetic energy represented in the ocean currents, the speed they have allowed the operation of turbines installed in the ocean; On the other hand, you can take advantage of the movement that has the waves, which is called the undoing energy, this movement allows the drive of devices either, buoy type or linear translation, turning the mechanical energy from the waves into electrical energy. On the other hand there is also an energy potential or called thermal dizziness energy, where with the differential between surface temperatures and ocean bottom, in this case it is usually used for cooling in nuclear power plants.

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Although little exploited and with low research in this field, especially in developing countries, mareomotor energy can represent a large amount of the capacity installed in some countries especially in Europe and Asia, as are the case of the United Kingdom , where it is estimated that by 2050 the total installed energy capacity obtained from the ocean, be 27.5 GW, an estimate of the fifth of the demand for the year 2015.

In the case of Asia, from Liu, China had an exploitable energy potential in the 2100 MW oceans, in 7 provinces and covering an area of ​​8354 km2; being able to produce 580 MWh annually. There is also great potential in Korea, where due to the high speeds of sea currents, which reach up to 6.5 m/s, as Jo states, it could occur between 330 GWh and 640 GWh throughout the year throughout the year.

In Colombia, a study was executed in 2008 where it is estimated that the region with viability to take advantage of the tidal energy is in the Pacific Ocean, where an energy potential of about 120 MW has been estimated in about 15 geographical points along the coast Western Colombia, given the data of Gomez and Burgos .

To know how viable it is to obtain mareomotor energy in a specific geographical place, it is necessary Environmental of the place, this is how through a study conducted in Medan Indonesia, it is possible to identify that for places where there is a wave height in the ocean between 0.1m-0.7 m, the methods for the use of energy Mareomotriz can be: OWC oscillating water column system (for its acronym in English), this method is based on water oscillation inside air bedrooms, causing it to vary its pressure generating a thrust in wind turbines. The following method is that of a conical channel where the breaking of the wave is used to flow the water through different collectors until driving to the water turbines that will produce the movement in the electric generator and finally there is the Boya Power System , which is where the oscillation of the waves in the water is used so that the buoy that is floating in the ocean generates electricity. After the analysis of the three methods to be applied in this part of Indonesia, FAHMI is assumed that the best way to take advantage of mareomotor energy is the conical channel system where an output power of 464.31 kW can be obtained in contrast to contrast with contrast to Only 54.65 kW obtained by the OWC method.

On the other hand, a study in two Iranian academics, give reason to which one of the most used systems and with better performance in obtaining mareomotor energy is that of buoy power, but also claim that another very useful method is also very useful is the of Ola of archimedes AWC (for its acronym in English), since both allow the direct conversion of the energy of the waves (tidal energy) to electricity, without the need to use turbines, driving bedrooms, or build dikes; Well, these devices make the direct oscillation of the water, raise and lower a kind of float producing electromagnetic induction. The most significant difference of these two systems is that the AWC is installed under water, subject to the underwater bed, while the buoy power is installed on the ocean surface.

Faiz and Ebrahimi simulated by means of finite elements the behavior and power generated by these two methods of obtaining energy, comparing them to different wave conditions demonstrating that “the characteristics of the waves have a very large effect on the design and choice of the choice of the more appropriate system ”because when there is a behavior with short wave periods and a low height, the AWC system is less suitable than the Boya Power System; But if the wave has an opposite behavior, then the AWC system is the one that generates the greatest energy.


The implications of these model represents a great alternative of energy generation in countries where production is limited since natural resources begin to scarce, it is necessary to look for alternatives that allow the economic growth of as the main basis the energy that is the base Fundamental to achieve the proposed goals without generating a negative impact on the environment, this type of innovation can only be generated in places where it has a high energy potential in coastal areas; For example in Colombia there are places where environmental conditions are the ideal to implement these technologies both in the Caribbean Sea, and in the Pacific Ocean, it can even be applied to the different rivers that cross the country that have a great flow that does not It is used.

Although this same geology in the country can present difficulties in coastal areas, this can generate that the opportunity for energy development is limited or in many cases impossible since in these areas social and infrastructure development is null and the cost of Place these systems in the beginning represents a high cost to implement this technology.

In addition, another important factor in the time of planning and commissioning of the energy generation equipment, is the environmental and ecological impact on the area where it will be installed, being a new medium, it is not known for sure what can be The repercussions on the environment that they can generate, that is, each place on the planet where the installation plans has its characteristics of the environment that cannot be taken as truths or generalities in the rest of the ecosystems, before thinking of implementing them, it is seen analyzing How prudent is the place of its installation; These are one of the many variables that can influence the implementation of the mareomotor energy generation .


From the documented and reviewed information, it is noted that despite the fact that the generation of mareomotor energy on the planet does not have great boom yet, there are very interesting projects where it is intended to obtain a large amount of energy, especially in countries in Europe and Asia ; With respect to Colombia, some investigations have been done to know what this type’s energy potential is in the country, finding that its viability is concentrated on the coast of the Pacific Ocean.

On the other hand we could also differentiate the methods used for the generation of mareomotor energy, concluding that each method studied here can have greater or lesser production potential depending on the geographical location where you are working, because for example, if we have wave periods Long and the wave is high, the most efficient thing is to resort to the archimedes wave oscillation method (AWC). With regard to the environmental impact of the use of the energy of the sea, it has been deduced that although it is a renewable generation system, it can have some repercussions especially with regard to the invasion of the ecosystems of geography intervened when building dikes, channels or walls; In addition, the migration of marine species, population control, water oxygenation can also be affected, will also have its impact. But if the production of greenhouse gases is analyzed in this case, the generation of mareomotor energy is considered zero emissions because the raw material with which it is worked is the current water of the ocean.


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