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Family member causing shame.

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Moment of Shame
At the end of the term, price giving day is the most awaited by all students. Every time during our closing day, my parents come to pick me from school. They take my results and help me analyze them together with the teacher. This plays a significant role in enabling me to set goals that I intend to achieve once we resume classes. However, this time, my parents had traveled out of the country, and they delegated that mandate to my uncle. However, things did not go well. My uncle came to school drunk and poorly dressed. Rather than represent my parents, he started to shame me in front of my friends. I was laughed at by my fellow students.
The moment of shame came when the school results were being announced. Rather than improving from my past performances, I had dropped significantly. I felt so low that I opted not to talk to anyone. My friends laughed at me and some related my performance to lack of a sober mentor. During the speeches, my uncle became rowdy. At some point, he had to be thrown out of the hall for causing a disturbance. However, he came back and grabbed the microphone and started talking to the audience. He began by telling my fellow student how disappointed he was with my performances. He associated my return with a lack of commitment and spending too much time playing video games. At some point, I felt like grabbing the microphone and turning it off. However, I held myself and waited for him to finish his speech.

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Later, my class teacher approached me and assured me that he would sort out the issue with the parents and ensure that nothing like that will happen again in the future. Nevertheless, I had to be transferred to a different school to avoid being ridiculed by my friends.

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