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Movie review

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Movie Review
Part 1
The following is the graphical illustration of one of the major themes of The Great Gatsby, love. The Holt Graphic Organizers, more specifically, process or cycle diagram, would serve to enhance understanding of the narration of Nick Carraway. Moreover, this graphical organizer will also provide ample grounds for bringing complex relationship of Tom, Jay and Daisy together under a single roof. Another important aspect of incorporating it includes the understanding of the great tragedy at end of movie and the inherent animosity of characters.
Love lost and love found
One-way affection

Part 2
The Great Gatsby is the marvelous masterpiece crafted by F. Scott Fitzgerald and translated into motion by Baz Luhrmann. The story has the character of Jay Gatsby played by Leonardo DiCaprio who has become a multibillionaire and owns a mansion at the bay of East Egg. However, the principle figure of film is not Jay Gatsby, it is Nick Carraway who as Tom Shone describe in his article as a narrator having aged 30 and has bought a cottage beside Gatsby’s mansion.
The story has a central theme of love and lost. It has given numerous emotional aspects together with a picture of roaring twenties. Gatsby has feelings for Daisy who has married to Tom in the movie after he has to left for war. However, on realization that the Gatsby is Daisy’s previous lover, she was reluctant to establish bonds with him at first.

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During a conversation with Nick, Gatsby has expressed his feelings for her:
“It’s so sad, because it’s so hard to make her understand. It’s so hard to make her understand. I’ve gotten all these things for her. I’ve gotten all these things for her and now she just… she just wants to run away” (The Great Gatsby).
Expressing that, Tom Shone has argued whether the story was not a strong of what is called “pure love or if not pure then thwarted by some obstacle other than pleasant snobbery.” Nevertheless, it can be argued that the story has presented every element of love associated with it but in a different fashion, which does not classify itself as pure or impure love.
In my view, the film has depicted the very complex emotions of love. The story could have been much stronger if it has not ended with such a great tragedy; however, I think that the love of Daisy and Gatsby was never lost; rather, a part of their being was still in love all the time.

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