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The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks

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Topic: The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks.
Noah tries to contemplate his life, all he has been through and all he has gained and lost over the course of the years. He recalls how he fell in love with this beautiful woman who goes by the name of Allie. He recalls the feelings he had for her and how she had left him without telling him anything, then all of a sudden she appeared and told him of how she had been for all those years, and how she had fallen in love again and was about to get married. He recounts how he had had to work in those different places, and how he had been living alone and lonely for all those years after Allie. And just when he was about to give up on love, his lost love is rekindled once he realizes the woman he loved so much still loved him. Both of them recreate the memories of their lost love, and what they have undergone emotionally after they walked away from each other.
Noah is good at playing the guitar. Noah describes himself as a 31-year old lonely man. Allie describes him as tall and strong, with light brown hair and handsome in his way. She thinks his voice is soft and fluent, and almost musical. He also has broad shoulders with a narrow hip and a flat stomach. He is an ambitious man, who always hard working and eager to accomplish his set goals and dreams. She also views him as a nice person who cares about everything and everyone around him. She also describes him as a poet.

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She also adds that he has a distinctive natural smell that smells like fragrance to her. And above all she saw him as a very loving man, different from the rest.
Allie is seen to be good looking with a firm and well-proportioned body, with soft breasts that are round, flat stomach and slim legs. She also has high cheekbones, smooth skin and blonde hair. Noah describes her as the love of her life. She has striking emerald eyes. She also is a very good dancer, and he sees her as the one he would spend the rest of his life looking for but would never find again. She has thick hair and soft eyes and moves gracefully as if gliding. She is intelligent, confident, passionate and full of spiritual strength. She is She is also very adventurous and always eager to learn. She is very ambitious too. He describes her a prettier the first time he sees her after those many years. He describes her drawing skills as incredible. And he also considered her the best friend she ever had. Lon describes her as beautiful and charming, and had become the source of his stability and was a best friend.
Lon is portrayed as a successful lawyer, from a rich family with a reputation. He is confident and good at his work and is also charming. He is also seen as insecure to his fianc√© when he calls severally at her hotel room with no answer and remembers about what Allie’s mother had told him about the love Allie and Noah had. Lon is described by Allie as handsome, charming and successful. He is also confident about the future, and very vigorous in pursuing success. He is also kind and always makes her laugh. But she also feels he is less romantic and passionate with her. She sees him as so much committed to his job than he is to her, although he is always there whenever she needs someone she can count on.
Gus is a seventy-year-old black man with four kids and eleven grandchildren. He loved homemade liquor and Brunswick stew and also loved playing the harmonica.
Noah’s house is described as the oldest and largest home in New Bern. It was used as the main house for a plantation. A paper review of the house stated it as the finest restoration the reporter had ever seen. It sits on a twelve-acre piece of land, with a wooden fence that surround the other three faces of the land. It sits adjacent to Brices Creek.
The evening is warm and nice, and the autumn sky filled with the Orion, the Dipper and the Pole star. The chirping of crickets and rustling of leaves fills the air. As the evening grows into night, coastal clouds slowly begin to form over the sky, turning silver with the reflection of the moon. The sun is seen to glow behind the oak tree as viewed from the top of the hill.
The author always creates a mood of serenity and peace whenever Allie and Noah are together, giving them the sense where they feel they are at their best when together.
The theme of this story is love. How despite being away from each other for more than 14 years, the two lovebirds still feel the same way they felt under the oak tree during their first date. Amidst obstructions from family, Allie still kept her love for Noah locked in her heart and treasures the moments they shared together. The love Noah has for Allie is blinding and leads him to not being able to find love or at least a woman who had the same characteristics or traits as her. He feels that she stands out from any other woman he has ever met, and wishes he could get another chance to have her again in his life. He feels heartbroken when he learns that she is engaged and about to be married, but still wishes to have her, but this time as a friend. Allie feels that she is making the wrong decision when she decides to go and see Noah for one last time before she gets married. She feels that she has an obligation to go and tell him what has been going on in her life for the past fourteen years. But the reality is she wants to see whether there could be by any chance an opportunity for the two to be together as they had wished earlier. His words whenever he speaks to her reassures her of her dreams and ambitions that changed way back and made her feel revived ten or so years younger. His compliments and inspirations towards her dreams are comforting and reassuring and shows that he is ready to offer her all the support she needs to make them come true. She finally overcomes her fears of disregarding her father’s wish and pursue her dreams and find her happiness. She gives in to the love from Noah when she realizes that Noah kept it within him all along, and did not have the thought of ever changing it, despite whatever happened. She learns that her mother had the same opportunity and was in the same shoes as she was, but chose to honor the family’s name and sacrifice her dreams and ambitions for the sake of the family. She chooses Noah’s love and his personality over Lon because he sees Noah understands her more than anyone else does.

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