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What is your least favorite physical feature? In an essay please explain why you feel the way you do.

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The eye
The eye is an organ of vision. Despite the significance that come with sight, the eye happens to be my least favorite physical feature in a human body. It is imperative to note that my perspective of the eye lies not on its importance to see but on how others use it to judge an individual’s character or give a verdict on personality. Eyes are vital to humanity. However, the existing belief that eyes tell to a degree on individuality is a misconception that may at times question the trust one has in another party.
Many would use the eye to arrive at particular decisions (Stein 24). The growing belief that one can single out the truth from a bunch of lies by merely staring at the victim’s eye is not entirely a dependable philosophy. Despite the existing studies of eyes being useful in the telling of truth as used by detectives in analyzing their subjects, this may not be entirely correct. To some extent, the philosophy may be true in controlled environments. Eyes are very sensitive organs to light, wind or dust among others. At times, minor detectors used in reading the lies from truth may result from environmental influence. For instance, my eyes tend to be shaky when staring at a particular point for long. In some cases, I tend to steer away from striking stares to an extent that one would think that I’m concealing something from them. In summary, the secondary functions attached to the eye by people may at times be insensible or fail to yield the actual results.

Wait! What is your least favorite physical feature? In an essay please explain why you feel the way you do. paper is just an example!

Therefore, the belief of using the eye, in fact, finding makes it my least favorite organ in the human body.
The eye being a sensitive organ yet vulnerably exposed on the face is another aspect that makes it my least favorite feature. The argument now lies on the location and susceptibility to injury. Despite the existing eyelids that would protect these sensitive organs in times of danger, the protection is not guaranteed. Eyes are very delicate and vulnerable and in the case of damage; they are irreplaceable (Di Girolamo 72). The damage of these organs may render the victim blind for life. In my opinion, the sensitivity traits of the eye would call for a more reliable form of protection. Take a look at an example of other sensitive organs such as the kidney or the heart. These organs are well protected despite their location. Conversely, the eye is exposed to prying enemies yet lacks physical protective gears.
Eyes are used to create a fake impression of beauty in the modern world. Their ability to be conspicuous facial organs makes them a target for beauticians. Being a less enthusiastic individual on overstated beauty, I tend to disagree with the modifications made to the eye for the sake of impressing the public. The eye is a target in the entertainment industry used to sell the fake impressions to the uninformed public who strive to embrace and copy the adverts made. The industry uses the eye in neuroscience to control or lure the public into deception. For instance, most adverts will have figures with beautified eyes to communicate their ideas to their targets (McKiernan 149). Therefore, the eye is used as an avenue of deception to the public, making it my least favorite feature.
The eye has a primary role of vision. However, scientific research has created yet other philosophical roles that control humanity. Apart from their sensitivity in supporting my opinion on eyes being the least physical feature, the concept of deception and judgment adds to my supportive ideas.
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