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Dubai Museum History

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Dubai Museum History

Every city, region and country has its history, those events that mark an identity, a culture, as long as we visit a new place we begin to see its people, their customs and to listen to legends and anecdotes, that way we can know part of its history,But despite all that we always have doubts and concerns about the development or steps that a city has taken to be who is currently.

Throughout the planet there are places where we can learn more about the history of a region and those places are nothing more and nothing less than museums, there we will find everything related to development, customs, culture andHistory of a region.

For that reason every time we visit a new city, we must make a must visit the museums, such as the Dubai city museum (Dubai Museum) located in the Fahidi, considered the oldest building in the region, built in theYear 1787.

Thanks to the Dubai museum is inside the fort we can make more than one visit in the same area, taking advantage of visiting one of the historical neighborhoods and some souks, in addition to the visit to the museum and the fort of the city.

The museum was opened on May 12, 1971, with the main purpose of showing the way in which the former inhabitants of the city lived, in addition to including exhibitions of various local and foreign antiques brought from several African and Asian countries by merchants by merchantsof the area.

In the same year that the museum opened its doors was that the United Arab Emirates formed, it was for this reason that the ruler of the Arab country decided to open the museum to keep its roots alive.

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Museum location and how to get there

The Dubai Museum is in the Fort Al Fahidi located in the historical neighborhood of Fahidi in the Bur Dubai area, away from the souk of the spices by the Dubai Creek but five minutes at the foot of this souk, it is in this area that we canlocate several mosques and the only country’s Buddhist temple.

Depending on the area in which you will have several options to reach the Dubai Museum, one of them is to take a taxi, you will go comfortable and at a low price since the taxis in Dubai are economical, you can also take the subway, for this you mustTake the green line and stay at the Al Fahidi stop that is about 800 meters away, from there you will only take ten minutes walking to the Dubai Museum.

Another option is to take a ship, you can take a tourist ferri or an open crossing the Dubai Creek from Deira to the “Dubai Old Souq Marine Transport Station” station that is just five minutes walking to the museum to the museum.

Visiting the Dubai Museum

The Dubai Museum opens its doors to the public every day of the year at the following times.

  • From Saturday to Thursday from 8:30 am to 8:30 p.m. (8:30 am at 8:30 p.m.)
  • On Friday because it is the day of rest and prayer for the Muslims opens from 2:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. (2:30 in the afternoon until 8:30 p.m.)


The best thing about the visit to the museum is that you make two visits simultaneously (the Fort Al Fahidi and the Dubai Museum), the fort was built in the year 1787 being the oldest structure of the city, when crossing the first door you begin to seeThe details of the fort that is still preserved.

The entrance to the museum has a low cost of 3 dirhams (approximately 1 dollar) per person, the museum houses large exhibitions that tell the history of the region, in each exhibition we can see how the city has grown over its 4 thousand yearsof history, its maritime origins, the time of pearl collection (this being its first economy), the emergence of oil and the current era of construction and tourism.

The museum also exposes objects that date from the year 3000 AC, conserving in good condition, in addition to the dioramas that show part of the daily life of the ancient Dubai, among the recreations of the scenarios we can find.

  • Historical Arab houses
  • Zocos and mosques
  • Dates farms
  • Old boats
  • Materials and tools used to build the first houses
  • Archaeological objects that were found in the area and dating from 5,000 years ago


We also have access to informative material that teaches us about the wildlife of the region, both sea and land (desert) and a great exhibition that tells us about the first economic activity of the region "The search for pearls".

Although the museum is small, its exhibitions and especially the recreations of Dubai’s daily life are deserving of admiring, visiting the Dubai Museum of Insurance will be a unique and interesting experience as you go in the exhibitions in the exhibitions you.

In a city known worldwide for its luxuries and huge buildings, a visit to its oldest museum is an appointment that we cannot miss, since Dubai is more than skyscrapers and luxury, Dubai is culture, tradition and history.

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