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Schizophrenia is a disorder that has chronic effects and often affects the brain. Individuals suffering from the condition are prone to hear various voices and also have the belief that other individuals who are close to them understand what they think and feel. Such occurrences make sufferers feel unprotected and vulnerable to harm within the hands of those who are close to them. Such lucid feelings make those affected by the illness to withdraw from others and also feel nervous most of the time.

The phrase schizophrenia was first used by Bleuler for purposes of characterizing different functions of individuals. The term was first used in Berlin and was published in the year 1908. It is vital to note that the history of the term has not been easy though scientists are in the wake of trying to understand and explain it to the masses. The existence of the disease was positive but was only recognized in the 20th century. There are other researchers who label schizophrenia as a culturally mental condition that affects the personality of those affected. The nature of the illness often makes people suffer, hence the need for medication and attention for all the affected parties (Os 635).

People with schizophrenia usually have different feelings of hallucinations, and this comes in form of hearing different voices. The individuals can also have thinking and speech capabilities that are not organized while in communication with others in society.

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Most sufferers from the disease may also find themselves withdrawn from the rest of the people in society with poor dressing and hygiene. They may also have minimal motivation to perform various functions that are usually common for every member of society. Lastly, the responsive nature of such individuals is usually low, while others have impairments in their cognition. The worst part of the illness is that most of those who suffer from it never accept they are sick, and this makes it hard for them to cope up with life.

Epidemiology of Schizophrenia
With the use of different methods for purposes of diagnosis, the condition is currently multiplying at a relatively high rate. It is vital to note that epidemiology often affects 0.3% – 0.7% of individuals in the course of their life. By the year 2011, the condition had affected about 24 million individuals around the globe. Despite the alarming information that schizophrenia affects people at similar rates, it is vital to note that the condition varies within different regions and populations. The condition is known to lead to 1% disability levels among the life of most individuals (Picchioni 91).

Anatomy and basic path physiology of Schizophrenia
Dopamine is known to have various effects on the symptoms of schizophrenia. The chemical compound is a neurotransmitter that his located in the brain which often alters the functioning of the disease while in the system of an individual. It is vital to note that the various symptoms of the disease are a result of excess dopamine in the brain system. Another chemical that has an effect on the condition is serotonin which often acts as a gap where nerve cells communicate with each other easily. Drugs that contain both chemicals are known to calm down the effects of the disease.

Individuals suffering from Schizophrenia often make little sense when they communicate with others. Different members of society are often affected by schizophrenia, and this makes them have difficulties in coping with life as most of them never hold any job. This makes such members of society rely on other individuals who are willing to protect and provide for them.

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