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The Factors That Influence The Conditions For Sports

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The factors that influence the conditions for sports

In this work the following question will be answered, to what extent does the genre define the conditions of each one to practice physical activity? The effects that cause different factors such as age and gender in the amount of sport that people practice. This issue was chosen because I am very interested in everything that has to do with the sport and study of the human body. The information of this work was sought through websites and there is also acquired information from the IGCSE book of Sports Science.

A good example would be that in the first and second year at school there were seven sports periods in the routine throughout the week, from the third year there are five sports periods in the weekly routine. It seems important to me to define what sport is. It is important to highlight the definition of sport. It is a physical activity or exercise, subject to certain norms, in which tests, with or without competition, skill, skill or physical strength are done. To base everything that is reported during this project, a series of surveys will be used to different people.

It seems to me that it is something fundamental to highlight in this talk that although men and women are both human beings there are some differences between them both physical and mental. Although not all women are equal and not all men are the same, there are certain features that each sex shares. I think the clearest or rather the most highlighted difference between men and women are the intimate parts.

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Clearly, in my opinion, this is not the most important difference for my project. I will highlight biological differences that each sex. As for example, there is a difference in muscle and bone development, usually man has greater development in both aspects. Another example could be hormonal differences, for example women usually have puberty before men. Also that men have much higher testosterone levels for longer than women.

During the last century, women have not been able to participate in all the events of the Olympic Games. In the beginning, as previously reported, women participated in the Olympic Games, but in very few sports, over the years the amount of sports in which they could participate were expanded. Fortunately, from the Olympic Games in Sydney in 2000 women participated in all possible competitions within the tournament as well as men. That is, during our history, women did not have the same opportunities as men to develop in the field of sport. Beyond the general physical skills that each sex has, it is a disadvantage for women.

As stated above, there are hormonal differences between men and women. Men produce ten times more testosterone than women, that is the hormone responsible for burning fat and favoring muscle mass. But on the other hand women, produce more estrogen that influences the growth of muscle mass, but that means that it stimulates fat storage. According to scientists, the muscles of both sexes are identical, the difference is that women have a total muscle mass of 24% and men have a total muscle mass of 40%. This means that men usually develop the body wider than women. This does not mean that all women have or will have less muscle mass than a man, it means that a woman will cost much more to reach 45% muscle mass than a man, also the development of each sex aThe time to gain muscle mass will not be the same.

Most of the time, the ability to maintain body temperature and blood flow is different between men and women. Usually the blood flow of men is very proportional, women usually have more blood flow in the torso. All this is due to differences such as the size of the heart, the size of women’s heart is usually smaller than that of men, in sport it is a great disadvantage, the amount of oxygen obtained by man is not the same amountthat the woman gets. The same goes for the arteries, those responsible for this are sex hormones, the testosterone of men expands the arteries and estrogens of women reduce them.

Today you could say that not all people have time to practice a sport or perform any type of physical activity. Especially the people who work, most adults have to work, they don’t have time, they are not interested, etc. There are teenagers who attend school and only carry out school activities. It is recommended that approximately one hour of physical activity be practiced daily. As mentioned above, there are biological differences between male and female sex. Beyond that all humans are born being feminine until some humans begin to masculinize due to the effect of certain hormones such as testosterone. Once the person’s sex is assigned, the body will develop slightly with the characteristics corresponding to their sex. Over time these differences will increase their visibility about their sex.

Over the years, the body wears out, that means that it also happens in the heart. For example, women, as the years go by, are going through menopause, this means that hormone levels are reduced. The heart muscle is more sensitive. (There are many men who also suffer from menopause). Women suffer more recovery of cardiac arrest, since they have a higher mortality and a slower recovery in case of survival.

It is confirmed that men are more likely to suffer from diseases or health problems derived from overweight, cholesterol and alcoholism. As for women they can suffer hypertension or diabetes. The problems that women can suffer have a higher mortality rate. There are also records that both sexes suffer in a very similar way the effects of smoking.

There are respiratory differences between men and women: there is a difference in the body dimension, such as the rib cage and lower body tissue. That is, man has more space in the lungs to receive air, this generates more ease of breathing and has to breathe less times than women in case they are doing the same exercise.

In conclusion, as already mentioned before, beyond women have had some disadvantages throughout history, in general, men have more capacity than women when doing sports due to their hormones administered fromDifferent amounts in each sex, this ends up resulting in body differences such as heart size and lung, quantity of muscle mass,. It should be noted that there are also more opportunities for men than for women (although more and more equality is being generated, there is still no 100%equality). Over the years, people have to leave the sport aside not only because they think there are more important things to do or do not have time but because the body is suffering different changes, that is, the body is wearing up and dependentlyof each individual, the bones and muscles weaken. Gender and age define the conditions of each individual to practice physical activity.  

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